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  • Book Recommendations?

    Looking for a good book on Tae Kwon Do: terms, forms, clear pictures, plenty of pictures and easy read. Anyone?

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    Hi Laura,

    You mentioned that you were really interested in Tae kwon do before, but classes were a bit expensive. Learning Tae kwon do or any martial art from a book is inferior to taking classes with an accredited black belt with experience.

    It can't hurt to look over it as a reference and to get an idea of what its about . I found a site that gives short reviews about many different Tae Kwon Do books. Enjoy.

    Also if you happen to pass by the book store, I would recommend looking up any Tae kwon do book written by Grand Master Jhoon Rhee or Grand Master He Il Cho.

    Best of Luck!


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      Hi Tom,

      Thank you. I study JKD and Wing Tsun so I know how confusing it would be to try and learn from a book. No, I did find a school near me that was only asking for $35 a month (they haven't changed their prices since 1980) and they're more into learning and health than anything else. As with my other interests, the books are just a reference. Thanks again.


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        what system of taekwondo are you interested in learning about?

        Different systems lead to different books


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          I don't know yet; I plan to start in a few weeks or so give or take. I guess I'll find out then.


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            Well, I asked and this was their reply:

            Kukki Taekwondo (WTF Style) School, with Chung Do Kwan heritage.


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              Originally posted by Laura View Post
              Well, I asked and this was their reply:

              Kukki Taekwondo (WTF Style) School, with Chung Do Kwan heritage.
              The best books are the most authoritative. These are the best in my opinion.

              1. Kukkiwon Text book. By Kukkiwon
              2. Global Taekwondo. By Kyo Yoon Lee (a founder of Kukkiwon)
              3. Taekwondo Text book. By Jeong Rok Kim
              4. Any book by Kyong Myong Lee
              - Dynamic Taekwondo series
              - A Modern History of Taekwondo. co-authored with KANG, Won Sik


              1. Kukkiwon Text book supplemental videos 1 & 2, by Kukkiwon
              2. Dartfish: WTF Poomsae, by Kukkiwon and WTF
              3. WTF: The Art of Competition, by WTF, Jin Bang Yang technical director

              Every other book on WTF and Kukkiwon TKD is a waste of money.

              Some other good videos on sparring training exist, none others on Poomsae.

              For the roots of Taekwondo:

              Books by the following, if you can find them.

              Gichin Funakoshi (instructor of 3 Taekwondo~Kwan founders)
              Kenwa Mabuni (instructor of 1 Kwan founder, and 1 senior member)
              Kanken Toyama (instructor of 1 Kwan founder, and 1 senior member)

              Search you tube for video of the three above men, or buy them from Century.

              Best Regards,



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                Thanks for the titles! I'll check them out - thanks for taking the time to post them.