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Almost lost my cookies in class....

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  • Almost lost my cookies in class....

    I know it's not the most attractive topic but that's exactly what happened tonight. This was my second class with the TKD school. Mind you, I have to really work to keep up with everyone else just during the initial exercises but the today the heat was just getting to me. I thought I was prepared. I was getting worn out until he decided the floors were just too slippery to train on so we moved to another room. It was a huge gym, a bit stuffy but the floors were much better. How I wish the AC was on - it would have been more bearable. Hell, we could even have moved the class outside and it would have felt nicer.

    Anyway, I'm working on my kicks with one of the students off to the side. I excuse myself to get a drink of water when another student comes to relieve the one working with me and take over. I should have left for the bathroom instead of just taking the drink. I didn't feel well. I was caught up by the need to throw up and just kept thinking "Please God, not here." I wondered if I was going to faint but somehow I got through it. After I was sent home, I said goodbye and made a mad dash to the ladies room. I never thought I'd get out of there. So what was it?

    During my JKD class last summer, we worked out in an area of his house. There was no AC; he kept saying "I plan on getting something for this room so it's not so hot." At that time though I really felt like I was going to pass out; my voice changed higher, I had to steady myself on his chairs, tables. I was having problem with my feet. He kept asking me if I was alright. I finally took the water he had there but oddly I still felt like throwing up. It was awful. I felt like that during class tonight. I ate before going over. Should I eat a salad and just drink water? Has anyone else experienced this? I mentioned this whole incident to my mother when I got back and received, "Well you're almost 40." Half the class is too, and older I told her. God I was so embarassed.....

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    There's nothing embarassing about throwing up from training hard, so long as it doesn't get on anyone

    It seems to be the body's reaction to pushing onesself to their limits and beyond.


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      Heat conditioning. Being in the South, I can tell you a story or two...

      Don't eat any closer than 1 hour before work out, eat something light, that gives you energy! Of course, hydrate as much as you can, but at some point water, especially cold water won't do you any good. That's when you need some Gatorade or so.

      By all means, excuse yourself when you feel sick. unless you are fast enough on your feet to make that mad dash for the loo.

      And of course, things do not get easier when you get older either...


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        its ok, this is actually pretty common. ive seen tons of people throw up for working out so hard. ive seen people at the gym walk out, throw up in the garbage can outside, then come back in and resume training. never happened to me, but ive come close.


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          I would also not recommend salad as it is more difficult to digest than other foods. While it's a good meal it's generally not a good pre-workout or pre-fight meal in my experience. A few slices of turkey works well and even a PB and J sandwich can give you a good energy boost. If I'm really hungry pre-training I'll usually eat a couple of tablespoons of natural peanut butter or a serving of turkey lunch meat. A serving of a healthy trail mix can also be nice.

          As your conditioning improves it won't be so bad. And if it does happen at least you know your working hard!


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            i just have a protein or energy drink before i go in, or a powerbar and some water.


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              No worries. I puked during my First Year Thai Boxing Test in the middle of Round 2.

              Lesson: Don't eat crawfish and drink wine the night before your Thai test. (I think I had a slight fever as well)


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                I read somewhere that it has to do with the buildup of lactic acid in the body.


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                  Well, I think the suggestions of not having anything heavy on my stomach prior to class is on target, as is drinking plenty of water. Next week, I'll be more mindful of what I do to get ready, and hopefully, I won't feel like this again....


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                    Sounds like your doing it right to me. Just don't make it a daily training habit, I'm sure you figured that out.

                    I was 12 the first TKD class I took I chucked too. We keep a plactic trash can in a corner just in case someone need to thats how common it was.