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  • Hwa Rangi
    Modern Hwa Rang Do and it's higher level training would be like the cousin of Ninjitsu, the original Hwa Rang and Sulsa , lol not the watered down lost arts practised to day ...

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  • sojobow
    started a topic Sulsa - Hwa Rang Do

    Sulsa - Hwa Rang Do

    * Salute ( Hwa Rang Do: The Invincible Sulsa Warriors )

    Interested in gaining information about Sulsa Training and Hwa Rang Do. Previous discussions I had with a young lady "she-sulsa" was a few years back and I've lost contact with her and her school.

    Basically, we discussed that one must first gain high rank in Hwa Rang Do before one is accepted into Sulsa training. As a student of Ninjitsu, it would be interesting to train with a cousin.