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  • WTF tenets

    Hi guys

    what are wtf tkd's tenets (moral principles)?

    courtesy , integrity , perseverance , self control and indomitable spirit?

    or loyalty , respect , courtesy , perseverance and justice?

    the first five are famous and are said everywhere. but i think the first five are itf tenets. aren't they?

    i've read the second five in a book about wtf tkd that is endorsed by world tkd federation.

    so what are wtf tenets?

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    is someone answer me?


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      The first 5, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverence, Self Control, and indomitable spirit were assembled / codified by General Choi along with his codification of TKD as a unique martial art. Like the art itslef, the tenets had roots in things that went before.

      However, since they are unique in their assembly by gneral Choi, they are msot definitely not any official WTF / Kukki pronouncement.

      ATA founder HU Lee had a long relationship with General Choi even after he long left the ITF. I have a video of them together in North Korea where the ATA put on a Demo in 2000 or so. So, it is very likely that the ATA may have used the same tenets.


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