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Master "Jian Shen" is having a sword Immortals Workshop on Feb 6th !

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  • Master "Jian Shen" is having a sword Immortals Workshop on Feb 6th !

    Hey i wanted to share this because i need help and i sincerely believe this would really benefit each and everyone who took part in this

    So let me tell u what i have in mind

    Grandmaster Jiang Jing Sung Baek is teaching a Taoist Immortals Sword Seminar on the 6th of this February in Seattle.. But it might get cancelled if all the 6 places don´t fill up :/ There is 3 participants by now so, just few more and it would be almost a miracle hehe! :P Now i know it doesn´t sound that drastic, but it´s a rare seminar held personally by him and it wouldn´t be much fun for the few people who have already registered there, meaning if the seminar gets cancelled. But i know how great spirit there is on martial arts communities, cuz i belong to one too so... Big up o/

    If you could please help out in any way by maybe spreading the word or if you are interested yourself... Would be greatly appreciated! I can´t attend it myself right now atleast, cuz it really is on short notice i know, though I'd get a lesson summary and maybe even a video from helping as much as i can :>

    So here´s a great change to give out our helping hands and we wouldn´t be left empty handed either o/ Just look what he has to offer for us so you´ll know i´m not talking just for fun :P

    Please join our good cause and let´s put our wise heads together and make a difference by teaming up!

    Here is few videos of him in action &

    Thanks a bunch already i can feel we can do this o/

    Here is the place for registration and more information on the workshop itself

    All the best -Jere
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    Kinda short notice, eh? I hope our forum is not your only access to a specific target customer base because frankly... your pathetic attempt at high pressure marketing is weak and desperate. I hope your alleged master has better PR than you.



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      4 sho

      Yeh for shure man, i know it´s a short notice, but only because we need help filling up the class So people who already have joined wouldn´t need to cancel or change the date u know ^^ Many don´t live near that place so... even me i live in finland so not the easiest option..