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    These guys are right little Tiger! when I was 13... I was already experienced with "rough and tumble" I had cousins that were older and bigger than me to play with. If I had a $ for every cheap shot they taught me, well, LOL you know. My uncle was a golden gloves boxer so we also did a bit of that. HS wrestling was great fun and very educational. You learn actual "techniques"! LOL I was very fortunate (though very poor) our HS had Judo as an elective back then! I lived in the sticks growing up, I lived 2 miles up this very primitive dirt road and caught the bus here> Take a look, if you think you got it bad, I was attacked by a black bear when I was 16! LOL Not kidding! Maybe you've never heard the stories about walking miles through the snow to get to school? That was me, I regularly carried a rifle before and after school. We were actually stalked by mountain lions! But that was a different place and time in my life.
    This guy lives about two miles from where I lived and about three miles from where I killed my first and only black bear. Recent Photos of bears in the area!

    Don't mean to Hi Jack your thread!

    Go do it! You'll like it and not too many kids will mess with the guys on the wrestling team! Not even the little guys! Trust me... Wrestlers Rock! Especially if they learn some good old "Atemi Waza" to go with it!


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      what excatly wresting like. I don't know, as you can see i'm a dumb dumb,

      Dumb would be if you never ask any questions about anything and never took anybodies advice. You're acting pretty smart.

      when someone says wrestling first thing in mind is wwf wrestling sort of thing. Is it the same thing??

      Good God no! WWF is stupid. High school wrestling will be like Greco Roman wrestling - see the olympics.

      anyway, would it be a good idea to say do wrestiling as a main SD and do aikido just for fun or something?

      Yes, aikido is lots of fun. Just don't get thinking it's going to work for SD


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        Originally posted by gregimotis

        Good God no! WWF is stupid. High school wrestling will be like Greco Roman wrestling - see the olympics.

        Actually it will be a lot more like the freestyle. Most High Schools don't have greco.


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          ixnay on the WWF!!!!

          We're talking olympic type wresting, not a bunch of steroid primadonnas with facepaint prancing around with goofy facial expressions.

          We're talking serious clinch skills, takedowns, maybe some throws, and who knows, maybe they'll even throw in some submisions, although I'm guessing it'll be mostly working for a pin (pinning the opponent on his back). And if you can pin a guy, you'll have a much easier time getting a submission later on if you choose to learn those.

          It builds strength, stamina, coordination, balance....

          I've seen a 150 lb wrestler play with a 255 pound guy like he was a child (not a real fight, but a "rasslin' match" among friends.

          Forget about Aikido (unless you have some really compelling reason) and just practice wrestling more with the time you would have spent on Aikido (or work on your body:run, lift, whatever). Or you could make sure you do well in school so that you can have a reasonably comfortable life (I know that's not the advice you're seeking, but trust me, it's good advice). Oh yeah, if your grades slide they might throw you off the wrestling team too, that would suck!!


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            What Gregimotis have plenty of time.

            But in Aikido's defense,I 've practiced at three different dojo's,the first two were very soft and flowing,typical of what most poeple think of Aikido.The third one was taught by a 270lb bouncer and it was a super hard style.It is very direct,fast,and effective.I still train out there two days of the week and love it.


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              The aikido instructor I've worked with is pretty hardcore as well. He's done some BJJ and some savate and lots of Kali. Generally, he's pretty hardcore and jumping him in a back ally could be sort of a mistake.

              Aikido's problem is that it is usually too much theory and philosophy, not enough doing. Not always though - like anything it depends largely on the instructor's attitude and exp.

              Also, somebody should PM me and tell me basic differences between Greco-Roman and Freestyle. Just so I know...


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                Gregimotis,here's a link to my school.


                That's directly to the Aikido section,but if you check out the site you'll see that it's a pretty good MMA school as well.We all train in different stlyes,your allowed to mix and match as you please.Right now I'm doing Aikido,BJJ,and kickboxing.I never did high school wrestling...and yes I do regret it.A bunch of my friends did,but I boxed and skatboarded all of the time.If I would've just boxed and wrestled...Oh well live and learn.


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                  one of the things that makes wrestling a better discipline than most is because just about every coach makes his wrestlers lift weights and do tons of conditioning. weight lifting and hard conditioning isnt mandatory in alot of martial art schools. wrestling will make u strong and in incredible shape, and the skills u learn are very effective. i dont think anyone will be pushing around a good, strong wrestler.

                  also u will get alotta play from the hotties if ur on the wrestling team at ur hs.


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                    also u will get alotta play from the hotties if ur on the wrestling team at ur hs.
                    ..Ladies and Gentlemen..Can I get an AMEN!


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                      ok, i've decided not to do wrestling. This is because i wuld also like some puching and kicking involved, not just throwing etc.

                      Does anyone recomment any MA/SD that inclucdes throwing, grapping, and kicking punching etc.



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                        Originally posted by stronghold
                        ok, i've decided not to do wrestling.

                        You dope


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                          I think we should have all recommended Tai chi or ninjitsu.

                          Then he would be doing wrestling now.



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                            What other stuff have you got around where you live? A mixed martial arts type school would be best. Typically these places teach some kind of ground work (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu often) coupled with some standing like Muay Thai.

                            Also, there are some schools which teach Self-defense independant of style. Often these schools are called 'combatives' or 'reality based' or something like that. They will teach punching, kicking, biting, stabbing, 'picking up a rock and throwing it' etc.

                            The reason we like wrestling (besides that it's easy for you) and the reason I'm suggesting sports like boxing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is important, read this three times: Most martial arts suck for self defense. If it doesn't involve actually sparring another guy who wants to beat you, then it probably isn't any good.

                            This is why aikido isn't any good - the students are all cooperating. They never go across the street to try their stuff out on the karate school. Same with the karate school - they know all about how to block and counter another karate guy, and they've got lots of ideas on how to deal with aikido practioners but they've never actually done it. Neither the aikido students or the karate students have ever actually fought somebody who stood to make money by beating the crap out of them.

                            Wrestlers compete with other high school wrestlers, boxers compete with other boxers. These are sports where people get their pride involved and really fight.

                            So, when it comes to self defense, a boxer or wrestler has experience with the stress of confrontation, plus they have techniques which they've tested against someone who really cared about causing those techniques to fail.

                            If your goal is self defense, you need to find a sport or a hard core combatives-type gym. Not an art.


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                              Originally posted by stronghold
                              hello everyone,

                              i'm new, so please go easy on me especially if i make a mistake which i most likely will. .....
                              ...I'm leaining towards Aikido ....
                              But i hear that Aikido is only for self defence, but i also would like some sort of attacking skills. I dont just want simple punches, i want like really defined skills, that can kill, if you know what i mean.

                              I don't have a big knowledge about differnt types of self defencee etc. so i hwas hoping someone may help me choose which type i preceed with.

                              thanks a lot guys

                              Yes, you have made a BIG mistake by choosing NOT to WRESTLE!

                              Last chance, Judo! Fun and can be applied for SD.

                              Learn to do one "thing" well, then learn to do another "thing". A punch to the face before your double leg takedown will come naturally later when your little arms can actually reach their face and inflict some damage. Go play...


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                                Most martial arts suck for self defense. If it doesn't involve actually sparring another guy who wants to beat you, then it probably isn't any good.
                                ..Yes, this is something that very few martial artist get. Truly stronghold, 90% of most of the guys out there are just scared little boys trying to cover up their fear with the Label of "look out, I'm a Karate Man!'
                                But sadly they can't fight, But what's worse they know it. It would be one thing if they at least thought they could fight..and then had to one day and realized that their spinning backfist strike doesn't quite work like they thought..that at least would show some courage and spirit and could be excused. But no..most martial artists deep down, know they can't really fight. And they walk around with this feeling of self-contempt continually searching for the ultimate secret technique that will finaly set them free to wreak havoc on all the bullies that have made them feel small in the past.

                                ..How does one avoid this. REALISTIC TRAINING. And let me tell you up front. One of the main reasons people don't train that its too hard. They are lazy, they want to throw some nice kicks, swing the nunchaku a bit and call it a day. But if you are willing, You can laugh at those guys and walk tall all of your days.

                                Just to use wrestling as an example again. Imagine if you absolutley KNEW, that you could take any guy off of his feet and sit on his chest at any time?!
                                ...How could you know this..because you would have done it 1000 times against guys trying to resist you on the mat. That kind of experience doesn't lie!

                                So if you want to be real..train real. Wrestling will do it, if you really aren't into that, and want the punches and kicks, I'd say Thaiboxing...If you want some really hardcore complete program..then do it all, Thaiboxing, Wrestling, and BJJ (if its around). The ONLY reason to do Aikido is if you have a spiritual personal code or ideal that you are trying to realize..and if so..that is GREAT! But make sure you know the difference

                                If your goal is self defense, you need to find a sport or a hard core combatives-type gym. Not an art.
                                ...While I totally get what is trying to be said here..I want to point out that I find wrestling TO be an art. A quite beautiful one at that!