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Wrist lock saves old man from assault

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  • Wrist lock saves old man from assault

    Bloemfontein - A thug has learnt a painful lesson from a pensioner: Ask if you need something, but if you grab, you'll get what you deserve. A broken wrist will remind him of this for the rest of his life.

    Johnnie Moors, 74, used his knowledge of Eastern martial arts, which he mastered more than 50 years ago, to get two young robbers to flee within seconds - one of them so badly injured that he won't be able to steal again soon.

    Moors was on his way to buy a Lotto ticket on Saturday when he was grabbed by two robbers near his house. The two probably are still wondering why they did anything so foolish. Moors said: "They probably thought, 'The old man with the grey hair is a soft touch'.

    "One grabbed me around my waist. I grabbed his arm in a ju-jitsu hold and flicked the wrist back. "If it hadn't been for the wall behind me, I would have broken his arm. "I heard and felt his wrist breaking. He yelled: Itshu!. I could feel something was broken, by the way he screamed.

    "When he started pushing and shoving me, I pinned him to a wall. The second one came from the front. I wanted to kick him in the right place, but managed to kick him away, anyway." While he was "dealing" with the first thug, the man was shouting so loudly that both of them took to their heels within seconds.

    Moors learnt the "gentle art" of ju-jitsu in Kroonstad from master Loubser when he was 19. That was back in 1948. More than half a century later he demonstrated the iron grip that had the assailant wailing. "There are certain things one just doesn't forget," he said.,00.html

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    Tom Yum,
    Great story.
    Can you repost the link? That one is not working.


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      The arts where better in the forties than tey are now. Then they taught you to fight - now they teach you to pay money for black belts.


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        Nasty world...


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          Originally posted by Thai Bri
          The arts where better in the forties than tey are now. Then they taught you to fight - now they teach you to pay money for black belts.
          True, very true. . . .

          I was fortunate enough to find a teacher who started training in the early sixties, he tried to maintain that old school styly of teaching. Unfortunately, his school was never that successful commercially, I think most people in the martial arts are not in it to learn how to fight, they want a trophypiece (in this case a blackbelt) to put on the mantle. Too bad so many have sold out and watered down everything.


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            its always good to hear a story like that especially when an elderly person is involved, good on him.
            I always said that JJJ rules the roost!!
            I didnt get the link but i assume this is Bloemfontein in Sth Africa?, the old guy is lucky that there weren't any guns because guns over there are far more common than even in the US these days. Most people there carry, you can see this just walking around the shopping malls on a Saturday morning, family men walking with the wife and kids with a big holster on the hip, not even concealed these days. Its not illegal either, when you visit there you just get a friend to sign a basic authority form and your armed!, so let alone the would be robbers there.


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              Great to hear. Another criminal is a lot of pain.


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                This is very nice! Real MA should work no matter the age, and when they help to save an old man from two thugs it's even better than in the movies!