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Everyone should train with Non-MA'ists every non and then!

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  • Everyone should train with Non-MA'ists every non and then!

    I know alot of guys here tend to train and spar with other people who are just as skilled or have some sort of skill level within the same or similar martial art...but, IMO what this creates is a "fixation" that the movements and techniques you use can be used against most other people, certainly people with less experience than you...but the opposite can be true...sometimes it is actually more difficult to spar with others with less or no MA experience because of the natural "broken rhythem" and tendency to do something completely different from what you "expect"...

    Perfect example: I was rolling around with my girlfriend one day (she has absolutely no MA experience) and attempted to get her in a triangle choke while demonstrating to her what it I was pulling her in to wrap my leg around, she commenced to popping me in the nuts a few times from underneath with her free hand!

    Mind you, I slowed the movement down for demonstration, so it was not as tight and quick, but it did prove a valuable point to me (one of course I didn't relay to her)...sometimes we tend to use movements that can put us in dangerous situations, should someone decide resort to "dirty tactics" ie. biting, scratching, squeezing (a few movements would resort in her squeezing instead of Against a sparring buddy, this would be moot, but it's always a good eye-opener to remind ya that not everyone you meet on the streets will fight by the watch those teeth and protect ya nuts! keep that in mind guys...

    Safe training...

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    This is very true. We get conditioned by the rules we fight under. Yes, rules are necessary for safety but, if we are not careful, they can be more dangerous to us in a real go.


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      From a competitive sport stand point no, but from a self defense stand point I agree 100%.


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        Very true.

        I think everyone should put on bulletman suites and go at it full speed and power and agianst mutliples and different and varying scenarios like in a car, in a bathroom or other confind space, at night in low light conditions, against impact weapons, and against edged weapons every now and then.


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          Try sparring against untrained friends; especially powerlifter, bodybuilder or semi-thug friends. Its not going to make your competitive fighting game any better, but it gives you a sense of what's out there, what you can incorporate, fighting against someone with no rhythm or tempo who relies mostly on strength.

          I don't normally train this way, but have tried it a couple of times.

          If your friends aren't regular fighters, they are going to get pissed in the heat of the moment, so make sure they are ok with it. If they are competitive or trained, then its all good and you can shake hands afterwards.


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            This is one of the many reasons I love to spar the newbies who think there hot shit. It gives me a chance to see how someone with no experience will react and a chance to humble newbies as well.


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              I work out with common "street" people that I know real well. Some have their own unique moves.