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    I wanted to ask if anyone could give me some good idea's for a conditioning program other than jogging, wind sprints, push up's and crunch's. Got those covered, but I wanted to probe for some good idea's from anyone who might be willing to share some idea's. One thing I have figured out quickly in BJJ is that endurance is extremely vital.


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      u could try skipping rope or riding a stationary biking, but if ur already doing jogging and wind sprints that should be more than enough .


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        try GPP training


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          Hi Chris,

          I'd try swimming as well. Great overall conditioning. You can get a board and try to flutter kick across the pool for a few laps (your legs will burn) but it will increase your endurance.

          The great thing about swimming is that you can do intervals and keep it anaerobic (blast your shoulders, arms and back!) or swim slow laps for cardio and endurance.

          Not sure what level of swimming you have, but if you can do the butterfly stroke it will work your entire body.

          Skipping rope is also good for stamina and cardio.


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            yes. Swimming is definitly my favorite choice, but there are others. Mike taught me alot in one of the boxing threads If I can find it.

            Burpees are great for explosive power. Box jumps, and jumping in general.

            Find a flight of stairs and start jumping up them 2-3 steps at a time. Walk down the stairs backwards. If you have a flight of stairs at home, make it a habit to do this everytime you have to go upstairs.

            Also running backwards; one of the greatest ways to increase lower back and hamstring strength.
            If you have a circular track to run on; run forward one length, left-carioca down the side, backwards the next length, and right-carioca the other side. This will get your heart beating.

            There are many other random things you can do depending on where you live. Shovel snow, dig (the most exhausting thing a person can do), split wood (or hit a tire with a sledge-hammer).


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              Check out this video clip of Phnom Yeerum, the star of Ong Bak. This dude does some crazy stuff.


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                My instuctor has us do a bit of running to which I compliment with a good bit of sprinting though I think what has helped me the most is rolling for long sessions.


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                  What are box jumps?


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                    Scrapper has some great workouts....
                    check out:TAKU'S INTERVAL TRAINING



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                      Originally posted by Hdog
                      Scrapper has some great workouts....
                      check out:TAKU'S INTERVAL TRAINING

                      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Can we get real already........A FOOL and his Money soon go seperate ways......HAHAHAHAHAHA Now you too can learn to do push ups sit up squats lunges and jump Rope all for the low price of $99.95


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                      I received the Mod. 1 on monday and I was really looking forward getting to go through the workouts.
                      Even though I've been doing bodyweight training for quite a while and I've done these same workouts (1-3) since you first offered them, I wasn't quite prepared for what there was in store for me on the CDs.

                      At first as I find myself first pushing the floor with all my might and not moving and after the leg part as I wobble to set up the mat for the ab stuff of Workout #1 I realize that this all has to be that my arms and legs are just too long to go at this pace. After a few more tries in the following days I still think that. But now I'm also sure that in the USA your CD-players also play slower!

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