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Does weight training make you better at BJJ

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    Originally posted by Sensei Saki
    I think I do.
    Try saying that with more or less context.
    weightlifting + BJJ = Better attributes


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      Originally posted by SamuraiGuy
      I lifted weights for tons before getting any formal grappling instruction, and belive me it helps immensely, I may not have the best Jiu Jitsu but the strength usually evens it out.

      Strength plays a big factor and opens up alot of opportunities for technique. Such as one time just pushing the opponent with brute force and gaining the mount right away, which eventually led me to ggetting a triangle after they squirmed out of it (somehow ended up almost perfectly for it).

      It will definetly help you, it wont make you slow, or big, or unflexible, you may put on some size, but for the past year I've been lifting I may have gained 5 pounds while I keep getting stronger, this is the way I want it, keep the body weight down and the strength up.

      Definetly lift weights, definetly definetly definetly, it will really help you lol.

      Long post about lifting weights.
      I agree-Any aid or added training such a weight for strength, will help.