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    I dont know if this is on another thread. is so, please post a link.

    Looking for other members here to list favorite martial art books.

    Here are some of mine;

    “Secrets of Okinawan Karate” Mark Bishop

    “Shotokan: A Precise History” Harry Cook

    “The History of Okinawan Karate Do” Higoanna Morio

    “Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate” Patrick McCarthy

    “The Bible of Karate: Bubishi” Patrick McCarthy

    “China-The 50 Most Memorable Trips” J.D. Brown, pages 486-488:

    “Karate Do: My Way of Life” Funakoshi Gichin

    "Martial Art Traditions" Dave Lowry

    "Zen in the Martial Arts" Joe Hyams

    ”Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts” Draeger, D. F. & Smith, R. W.

    "Martial Arts; Traditons, History, People" John Corcoran & Emile Farkas

    "Bodhisattva Warriors" Terence Dukes

    ”The Ultimate Book Of Martial Arts” Fay Goodman

    ”Tao Of Jeet Kune Do” Bruce Lee

    ’Jujitsu - Techniques And Tactics” Doug Musser and Thomas A. Lang

    "What The Buddha Taught" Walpola Rahula

    "Karate" Larry Brimmer (Kid's Reference)

    "Learning Martial Arts" Steve Potts (Kid's Reference)

    "Mastering Martial Arts" Steve Potts (Kid's Reference)

    "Karate is for Me" Fred Neff (Kid's Reference)

    "Karate Basics"..... by: J. Allen Queen (Kid's Reference)

    "Martial Arts" Bernie Blackall (Kid's Reference)

    "Karate Blocks" Stuart Schwartz & Craig Conley (Kid's Reference)

    "Karate Punches" Stuart Schwartz & Craig Conley (Kid's Reference)

    "Karate Kicks" Stuart Schwartz & Craig Conley (Kid's Reference)

    Ok I'll stop...I have dozens more......

    Listed were off my book shelf.

    (Kid's Reference- My 6 year old daughter is into reading. She and I shared these past couple of nights.)