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1 reason to always wear hAND WRAPS UNDER GLOVES

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  • 1 reason to always wear hAND WRAPS UNDER GLOVES

    because if you don't you'll open up a knuckle and you won't be able to punch stuff for a number of days darn it!!!!!! I used to intentionall open up my knuckles on cinder blocks back in the day but have concluded that it serves no useful purpose. i still have scars on my knuckles though after my last session.One day I'm walking around a mall when this chick(not bad looking) that's working at a kiosk for skin/hand products says let me see your hands in an attempt to make a sale, I know I shouldn't do it but I can't resist so I show her my hands,scars and all and she gives me the you're a wierdo face, I think, I become slightly self concious and say I'm not interasted LOL. Here's a tip ladies a guy who has scars on his knuckles probably isn't into keeping his hands nice abnd soft just a thought.

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    Hah, I was gonna do the same mistake till my arnis trainer told me not to i was punching walls lol.


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      not to mention constant stress on the finger joints due to impact with hard surfaces results in the early onset of arthritis.