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    Royler clearly states in his Submission Grappling book that he trains primarily with the gi. Not to mention, my instructor is Royler's US rep and training partner for his fights, so I think he would know.
    Royler trains primarily with the gi, but prior to a no-gi or NHB event (forgot how many months), he will shed the gi and train without it.

    I agree with the above sentiments about Eddie Bravo. Royler is awesome, and even the greatest athelete will fail occasionally. What has Eddie done since then other than an enormous amount of weed? And the rubber guard? Give me a break? If I play chess, I could probably come up with a couple of checkmate setups that most people don't use. Does that mean I should call it the rubber checkmate and say I invented it?


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      Originally posted by SamuraiGuy
      **** EDDIE BRAVO

      seriously, he fucking caught royler once and now he thinks hes the fucking king of the world. If anything it says more about how good Royler is.

      That's the guy that beat Royler once! Oh man.

      Do you think the others in that competition were looking forward to a chance at getting to fight Eddie Bravo, I'm sure they were all clamoring for it.

      It pisses me off how he rides this one win out, he uses it to sell his books/dvds, FROM THE MAN WHO BEAT ROYLER GRACIE, whooptie fucking do, everyone loves Bravo now, what if E. Telles had fought Royler that day, would everyone love the fucking turtle. E. Telles revolutionalizing jiu jitsu... people will think your crazy, but now Eddie Bravo is amazing, he didnt even invent the twister its just a wrestling move.

      And now he trains only No-Gi and trains only people No-Gi what a douche, he doesnt think there are any benefits of training with a gi when 99.9% of the best grapplers in the world do (you can even include him in that cause he used the gi). **** I'm eddie bravo, I caught royler once, I'm just gonna go against everything in recent grappling history, you dont need the fucking gi, marcelo garcia whos won two adcc's in a row, he shouldnt wear the fucking gi, Ronaldo Jacare Souza, yeah he doesnt need the fucking gi, Royler doesnt need the gi, Rickson Gracie never should have put on a gi it just limits him....

      fucking douchebag.

      And if you say he can kick my ass, whoopty frigging doo, there are alot of people that can kick my ass, if I got a lucky triangle on him maybe I can sell, Jiu Jitsu UNCOVERED!, By SamuraiGuy. THE GUY WHO BEAT THE GUY WHO BEAT ROYLER ONCE!

      whew end rant.

      I agree, though he did catch Royler with his special move he made up, after the fight ended the ass-whole Eddie Bravo ran around the mat with his hands up yelling like he just won the greatest fight in the world. Hes got no class at all. He wont compete in the ADCC anymore because guys like Marcelo Feitosa and Marcelo Garcia will tap him out easily. Maybe Sanchez could too, but they train together so who knows. Until I see Bravo win some more ADCC fights, Im not sold on the guy. My instructor faught him 3 times in the Worlds and said Bravo just likes to get position and hold it and win by 2 points while my instuctor who had Bravo in a arm bar while Bravo defended it could have held that position the whole fight and won by agression. But he let it up and went for the submission.Bravo isnt that great in my opinion, he got lucky when Royler got tired and had a mind fart


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        Yeah I agree, and as I've stated I'm not a Bravo fan. His book includes the word "Ultimate" which screams commercialized to me, all the white trash morons love to buy books that say "Extreem" or "Secrets" or "Badass" and stuff. He also doesn't have class form what I've seen, and hes a pothead with a myspace account so he can flaunt himself.

        Despite this, I have to agree with him on the issue of the gi in some respects. It is not a holy garment, and someone who trains with it is no more dignified that someone who trains without it. Also, no-gi training is, in my oppinion, the best way to train for no-gi competition. Just like soccer scrimages are the best way to train for soccer competition.

        He has also come up with some pretty interesting positions and his half-gaurd game seems to wrk very wellf or him. It's not like he invented a superiour way to grapple but he has thrown some pretty cool stuff into the mix. I use his wrestling supmissions when I only have one hook in on someone's back, and I also use his 1/2gaurd sweeps.

        I respect some of his work, don't really think hes someone to look up to though.


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          Where do you live? Up north it's nice to know collar chokes because the guys that want to commit some kind of crime against you often wear a jacket to keep warm or hide weapons. If you live on some warm beach where the only fights you have are going to be in a swim suit go for the naked chokes....

          It's really a personal choice. If you compete in sports that include a Judo Gi it seems like a good idea to know how to defend against those collar chokes, lapel grips and sleve pulling kuzushi... If you prefer boxing none of that really matters, does it?


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            yeah as far as which style of grappling you choose for fun or self-defence, both gi and no-gi are fine and are indeed a matter of preference.

            I'm just saying that i think no-gi grappling is the best way to train for no-gi competition (like ADCC).


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              My experience has been that 90% of fights in the street will put you up against someone that has no clue how to fight and they are often drunk. Whether or not you train with a gi seems of little consequence to a street fight but this is just my experience, I live in a college town.


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                Also, keep in mind that it is easier to transition from gi to no-gi than the other way around. I would definitely do a lot of gi training, especially when you are starting out, then focus on no-gi training if you are preparing for a no-gi event.


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                  I would say that it's totally your choice. It always comes down to what you actually want to do.. I have started no gi training and im loving it... Im new to it and looking for a place to buy some nogi gear online so it would be of such a great help if you guys could suggest some place to get it from? I have actually found this site nogibjjgear they have really really cool stuff but I wanna know if anyone have had good experience with them before ordering something.


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                    took me time to read the forum but its actually great. People should know about this more. Mouth