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  • laying down mat

    can you lay mat down on concrete or is it better to have some carpet underneath?

    thanks for the help

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    u can lay in on concret thats what we did in my gym we ripped up the carpet before we layed it because i guess other schools in our org was having problems with the mats sliding on the carpet so i suggest concrete but if not you want to diffently but it in a area were your 100% sure that mats wont slide or shift around and make sure there are no gaps in the mats as your laying them


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      put down tarps

      Our mats are on concrete, put tarps underneath if possible to extend matt life, are you using resilite or Dollumar? with a dollumar it is not as big of a deal, but resilite mats are the same on both surfaces!


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        I would actually suggest placing plywood on the concrete and carpet padding on top of the plywood before you place the mats down. You can secure the mats by nailing 2X4's to the floor after fitting them snugly against the side of your already positioned mats. After all of your 2X4's are in place, remove the mats and cover the 2X4's with some foam (staple to hold) and then covering that with vinyl (staple to hold). You'll end up with well padded mats that are insulated from the temperature sensitive concrete and you will give your mats a longer life by keeping them away from the less forgiving and more abrasive concrete. Take your time padding the 2X4's . . . you want it to look nice.


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