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No Gi Training/Submission wrestling/MMA in So. Cal

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  • No Gi Training/Submission wrestling/MMA in So. Cal

    I live in Orange County and I introduced a friend of mine to BJJ but training with him. However, when I invited him to my class, he didn't like training because of the Gi. I tried to find him a grappling school, or anything that teaches groundfighting without a Gi. Anyone can help me out with any recomendations for schools or instructors?

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      Rey Diogo has an incredible 3 hour no gi-MMA class every Friday from 6pm to 9pm. For more the location, check out, or email me at


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        tell him to check out the Inosanto Academy

        Erik Paulson holds a Shoot Wrestling class down here that is basically a no gi submission grappling class. His techical knowledge blows me away and his classes are always great. He also has a Vale Tudo class on mondays which is basically all sparring (striking, grappling and vale tudo). A similar sparring class is also held on sundays by another instructor. But anyway, if your friend wants no gi freestyle training, this is definitely an option worth checking out.


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          In Orange County you can check out Chris Brennan's Next Generation place

          They train mostly w/o a GI



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            I was disappointed to hear that your friend did not like training because of the Gi, I think if he contacts Gordon ryan he might like the training and would become a regular. I hope this helps.