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BJJ. Street or sport?

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  • BJJ. Street or sport?

    Okay it's time for a thread on the BJJ/MMA forum itself.

    Pros and cons of BJJ for the street. Is it an effective martial art or simply a sport with applications for the street?

    Does the competition format restrict it's practical applications?

    Do you care?

    Post your views and be nice to each other

    When the Gracies first made videos, they included standing up in base, open hand slaps and elbow strikes. The mount position was seen as key because from there you could unload punches.

    Within the competition rules now, turning turtle back is a position you can use to your advantage (if your good), but isn't it then turning into another competition system that has moved away from being effective?

    Isn't it good to train for multiple formats?

    Is BJJ more alive now in MMA than it is in BJJ?

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    I don't know "jack" about BJJ...

    evidently there is something called "combat" jiu-jitsu based on the Brazilian version of judo and Vale-Tudo? probably some basic atemi and a few dirty tricks?


    get a knife.


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      Originally posted by Tant01 View Post
      I don't know "jack" about BJJ...
      get a knife.
      And the aggression training to go with it