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Complete Martial art?

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  • Complete Martial art?

    Hello there.

    When I look at MMA from what I little I know, they seem to train in different Martial arts.

    Is there not a Martial art, that covers most areas of self defence, and is competed in a realistic sport enviroment.

    Or what would be a good Martial art to maybe take up, that would teach you realistic self defence, and trains for realistic all round competition?

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    Browse the forums and old threads and you'll get an idea of what MMA is and peoples opinions about it.

    Write a thread in 'Introduce yourself' and tell us a little about yourself, interests, experience etc.. or whatever you like.

    Sorry if I haven't really answered your question but by reading the previous threads on MMA in other forums you'll see why it's a bit of a can of worms.

    Welcome to the forums.
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