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    I have been thinking about something. After reading your fellow forum members posts, how accurately do you feel you could gauge the martial arts background, age, education level, personality, and physical characteristics of individuals if, theoretically, no one had ever supplied any of this information directly in their posts? Obviously I mean from strictly reading their posts, not finding their IP address and looking them up in the phone book or anything like that.
    Could you ascertain one's age by evaluating the level of marturity he displays in his posts? How confident would you feel speculating on the educational background of an individual based on the contents of his posts? Could you differentiate between a submissive weakling and a physically dominant individual, or is the weakling likely to cease his submissive behavior as a result of the relative safety of online discussion forum interactions as compared to personal interactions considering the comparitive probability of a physical confrontation?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    You couldn't. At least I couldnt as A lot of people I assumed were in my age category (16-22) and they all ended up much, much older


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