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  • In the Guard Down?

    Does anyone know if forum is down? I've tried to get in but all I get is a Forbidden 403 Page. Am I kicked off? I have'nt done jack on that forum.

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    I get up to, and then when I click on the BJJ forum it says I'm not authorized. And I know I'm not kicked off becuase I haven't posted anything there yet, I've just been reading and tried to post last night but couldn't. So unless there is something wrong with both our connections there must be something wrong with the site.

    It's probably just temp down.


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      same here. i can't get on intheguard and the ug. they are both down. damn it sucks cuz pride 14 is on tonight too


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        Damn Prides on tonight? Shite! Oh well! Can't wait for the results though. I need Direct TV!


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