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    Hey guys im a mma fighter with a fair few years of expereance (mind my spelling as im dislexic an stuff lol ) my ribs, shins an fore arms are as toughf as steel an my thighs are ok. But everytime i cop a kick in the guts i drop like a sack of spuds. Is there anything anyone can tell me so i can condition my guts an my thighs beter? Any info would be much apreciated.cheers

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      You need to hit them.

      If you have a training partner who will help you, get him to lightly kick you in the thighs. Do this until it hurts. As you get better, your partner will be able to kick you harder.

      Then get him to punch you in the stomach. Again, start lightly, and as you get better, he or she will be able to hit you harder. Make sure you tell him or her if the strikes are too hard, or not hard enough.

      If you don't have a partner, and are at home, find a club, baseball bat, or some other hard object ( I use an old vacuum machine tube for home conditioning). Strike your thighs, and then your stomach. As you get better, you will be able to strike harder.

      You can do this as little or as often as you want. I normally do my conditioning routines two or three times a week, and this will be adequate for most fighters. If you want, you can do it as many as five times a week, but you will probably be feeling it alot.

      In any case, never go until you can go no more. You should be able to feel the pain, but it should not be crippling. You should be able to take a few more kicks and punches easily when you stop - if you go to your max, you can really hurt yourself (and if self defense is important to you, it's a bit silly to reach that level anyway)


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        I agree re conditioning via receiving strikes. Have your partner start light and slowly increase the force. Make sure you have your abs tensed and breathe out as you take each punch.


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          I no an have done all that 4 ages =). But stil no rusults. In my mma we do full contact sparing an every time i get the beter of sum one they just throw a mai gere into my solar plexis cuse they all no my weakness lol (the moungrels lol) i get my sensai to give me strikes everynight (as im a sempi i train everynight) an its stil not workin. Maybe im jus retarded lol