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Why I Will Always Be A Fan Of Melvin Manhoef

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  • Why I Will Always Be A Fan Of Melvin Manhoef

    Why I Will Always Be A Fan Of Melvin Manhoef | Team Takeover – MMA Kickboxing Boxing Combat Sports

    By Bloodstain Lane

    I am going to level with you here…I am getting bored with MMA .

    The reason why I am getting bored with the sport is because its becoming less about fighting to get knockouts and submissions and more about just getting the win by any means necessary. Nowadays fighters are fighting for themselves instead of the fans who pay their hard earned money for tickets, merchandise and pay per views. We are seeing more hugging, laying and stalling then punching, kicking and submissions and truthfully its turning me off from the sport. I’m sorry when I pay my hard earned 60 dollars for a UFC PPV and I see guys like GSP and Jon Fitch hug guys for the whole fight, I feel disgusted and ripped off.

    But there is one fighter I will ALWAYS tune in to watch and his name is Melvin Manhoef. Now if you don’t know who Melvin Manhoef is, stop reading this article, take your hand and slap yourself or go on youtube and watch some of his highlights. Melvin is a Surinamese/Dutch fighter who trains out of the legendary Mike’s Gym in Holland. There is only one word to describe Melvin: Violence. He is arguably the most violent and aggressive fighter I have personally ever watched, the only other ones are his team mate Badr Hari,Mike Tyson and Wanderlei Silva. His hands are heavy like anvils, his low kicks are similar to a Barry Bonds swinging a Louisville Slugger baseball bat to your legs and his knee’s are like driving a sledge hammer to your face or rib cage.

    To me Melvin DEFINES what fighting is all about: Go out and finish your opponent as quick as possible. When Manhoef fights you know what your getting, a good show, quality entertainment and like I said violence, in other words you are getting your money’s worth. Melvin fights for the fans and thats why I am a huge fan of his, I don’t care if he loses, I appreciate the mentality he brings to the fight game and I’d rather watch Melvin lose trying to take someones head off then watch a guy like GSP lay on a guy for 5 rounds just to secure the win. Kill or be killed, gotta love that.

    I suggest everyone try to watch Melvin’s legendary fight with Cyborg Santos, easily one of the greatest MMA fights of all time and his 30 second destruction of Ruslan Karaev in K-1, trust me you wont be disappointed. I don’t know whats next with Melvin Manhoef but I do know i just want to see him fight whether its MMA or Kickboxing, heck I’d pay to watch Melvin fight a cashier at McDonalds. Anyway I just want to salute Melvin Manhoef for being who he is and always putting on a great show for the fans win or lose. Bloodstain & Team Takeover salutes you. That being said I will close out this article with a quote from the legendary Melvin Manhoef.

    “I live for this shit”

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    Huge fan here



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