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UFC 207 - Ronda Rousey a message to McGregor and Mayweather

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  • UFC 207 - Ronda Rousey a message to McGregor and Mayweather

    Ronda Rousey has attacked Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather for their obsession with money....

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    “If money is the motivation, then f*ck you. All these ‘Money’ people. ‘Money’ [Floyd] Mayweather, ‘Money’ [Conor] McGregor. I see they’re trying to do an angle or whatever. People buy it. The worship of money in our society is so deep. But just because that’s the easiest way to keep people’s attention or entertain them doesn’t mean that’s the right way.”


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        I want to say that one thing that money is not a motivation first. Motivation is something that comes from our inside. Motivation is something that we love to do all the time. motivation is something where we can spend unlimited no of hours without getting tired.