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    Bruce Lee had many students in Seattle and there came a time when Bruce also began training with his students one-to-one at their homes. Unsurprisingly, he discovered that none of them were the same. Some were coordinated, others were slow; some were smooth and fluid, others were aggressive and forceful. But since all of them were much bigger and physically stronger than him, Bruce had to use every bit of his experience to subdue them. This private training turned out to be a double-edged sword, though, as he wondered how much he could reveal to a student before they would become a threat to him. He wanted them to do well but not too well. In Hong Kong, Bruce had fought with people his own size, but now he was faced with opponents who were seventy pounds heavier and six inches taller than him, what he called ‘trucks rolling in’. Bruce knew that if he was ever hit by someone like DeMile, or even worse by someone at a public demonstration he would be hurt, and so would his reputation. It wasn’t simply a matter of pride; it was a matter of survival.

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    Bruce Lee is a legend


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        My name is Lloyd Irvin and I joined this forum page recently to collect news about mixed martial arts.
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          Giving training to the students make them strong and they can also do there college or school projects themself which make them more secure and independent as well.I have tried to check some of the best help from the site which is really good for the students as well.


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            Bruce was the ultimate king of Mixed martial arts.