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Qiqong-Fighting Skill and Martial Art

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  • Qiqong-Fighting Skill and Martial Art

    A martial artist is different because what he or she studies is the art of fighting. In Chinese, martial arts are called Wu Su. ‘Wu’ has two meanings, one of which is ‘fighting’ and the other is ‘to stop’. Thus, together, they mean ‘stop fighting’. The word ‘Su’ means skill. So the actual meaning of Wu Su is ‘stop fighting skill’. You should learn martial arts in order to stop fighting. If someone comes to me and says ‘I want to learn martial arts so I can fight’, I will not teach them. It would be too harmful to other people. Why then do we learn so much fighting skill, some of which can cause serious injury, if martial arts are designed to stop fighting? The answer is simple if you don’t understand fighting skills, you won’t be able to stop someone who wants to fight or attack you. If you can control your opponent without getting yourself injured or without hurting them, this is the ideal solution.

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    Hello people, i am practicing american karate, and i wish to become a profesional fighter!


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