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  • a question....

    My question is on the various belt rankings of all the martial arts out there. I believe that each type of martial art has a seperate belt system that differs slightly from the other types, but I'm not sure on this.

    I tried to do a website search, but that wasn't helpful at all. If someone could just give me a run-down on lowest to higest belt in all of the martial art type forms, then I would appreciate it.

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    in goju-ryu it is white, yellow-white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, purple-black, brown-white, brown, brown-black, black


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      Muay Thai

      As the saying goes:

      "The Belt is in the ring"



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        belts mean little. Most stlyes give nine to ten below blackbelt grades. Some change color at each grade. some give three belts white green brown then black. belts between white and green are like stripes and so on. blackbelt means you have leaned the basics and are improveing. When the training has become part of what you do then you know. And blackbelt says you have practiced long and have shown dedication to learning keep up the good work. Thats all. Some schools ask that you never ware you belt outside of the training hall. Teaches to remain humble in learning as you learn to never bost of rank but seek to learn of knowledge. No belt and knowledge is better then belt without understanding I keep my belts in the closet and issue none just levels.