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80% of fights end up on the ground...

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  • 80% of fights end up on the ground...

    who came up with that statistic? Everyone quotes it but who did the research?

    Just curious.

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    There is no way to prove it because it is just a claim, not a scientific study.


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      It was a marketing ploy conceived by the Gracies. Many fights go to the ground, but I don't think it's 80%. You can be taken to the ground regardless of your skill striking, but a lot of fights end with only one person on the deck--the loser.


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        After my BJJ teacher took me down the other day and put me in his closed guard I pulled a (practice) knife on him and stuck it in his perineum. His response was: "I would never get into a knife fight...I would run away." My retort was: "You just did, and you lost." He smiled and proceeded to give me an extended thrashing mainly to the tune of omo plata. Each of us had a point.



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          He smiled and proceeded to give me an extended thrashing mainly to the tune of omo plata. Each of us had a point.
          Yep, but yours was better.


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            Let's check personal experiences here, only one of my real fights ended on the ground (not including those at the elementaryschool) for me the ratio is the other way around
            Also you won't be on the ground of a bar very long
            If I take the elementaryschool fights into account I did end up on the ground being mounted but always managed to use my legs to get hold of their head and then I would pull their hair as hard as I could ( the attacker was 2 years older and just had it in for me)

            In a crowded place it's easier to hit some-one than to take him down

            What's your own experience? ( question to all, maybe se up a poll?)


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              Loads of fights do end up on the ground. If we had 4 legs they wouldn't........but we only have two (at the most!). When two people have hold of each other and stagger about, it is almost certainly going to happen. Remeber, street fights are not kick boxing matches. People grab and push/pull each other.

              I think it is only very rarely a good idea to take someone down purposefully. Maybe if there is sefinitely only you two about, and he's giving you a good thrashing standing up. But you must train on the ground in case you inadvertently find yourself there.


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                How does one avoid being taken down to the ground? Foot work?



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                  Conventional ways of taking someone down:
                  1) sweeps
                  2) throws
                  3) body tackle (American football style)
                  4) double/single leg shoot
                  5) balance disruption through striking

                  Be able to deal with these and you will have a better chance of staying on your feet.

                  To avoid being taken down:
                  1) footwork
                  2) takedown defense--sprawling, etc.
                  3) be able to work in the clinch

                  When somebody wants you on the ground, they will probably get you there. Expecially in close quarters where footwork is restricted. Size matters a lot too. Like Bri said, loads of fights go to the floor. Someone starts losing the striking game (gets hit first), they close and wrestle the other guy to the ground. Very common. I just don't think it's 80%.


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                    You know that the 80% is false. For one thing it's not exact enough. If someone said 86.3% then perhaps but 80% just sounds like a guess. How many fights were watched to get that figure? Were they on the street or in a ring? Who was doing the fighting? What MA expirience did they have? Of the fights I remember some went to the floor but most didn't.


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                      I believe the 80% statistic was based on FBI use of force statistics gathered from US law-enforcement agencies.


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                        How does one avoid being taken down to the ground? Foot work?


                        Do you know Marco Hernandez? (not sure if he posts here or not)
                        He's my favorite new example of keeping his cup empty.

                        He's a student of Ted Wong (who's known for his footwork & anti grappling) Well even with that knowledge, Marco has recently been training with Rory Singer (Straight Blast Gym, student of Matt Thornton) & guess what? He was taken down.. Something to think about.

                        Absorb as much as possible.

                        Yes, maybe 80% do end up on the ground. (maybe
                        But 100% start standing up.
                        And with proper footwork, anti-grappling AND grappling skills, you'll be in good shape.

                        You never know who you're gonna fight.

                        Enjoy the day!


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                          In fact read his seminar review posted from Big Seans Combative
                          Solutions website. (another great site!)


                          See ya!


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                            I prefer this quote...."80% of fights may end up on the ground, but 100% of fights begin standing up." There aren't too many people that lay down before the fight begins. And that is why standup and ground fighting are both necessary elements to the arsenal.


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                              This thread had all kinds of potential for going to shit. Good job everyone for keeping it up and out....

                              What are you doing going around getting into fights? Shame on you. It is against the law almost everywhere to fight. Bunch of criminals.

                              Now, how many 'self preservation situations' go to the ground?