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  • Aggression?

    At the moment I find myself struggling to find aggression when fighting against people who i talk to before and after classes and especially when they are female.

    Has anybody got some good visualisation? techniques or anything else that might help.

    Also, I have heard that too much aggression can cloud judgement? Would this have much of an effect in a gym or sparring?

    Havent posted here for a while, hope the response is as good as it used to be.


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    You don't need to be angry.

    Just do what you've trained to do. Enter with good solid combos, keep your eye on their body; not their hands and slip, cover or move away.


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      wow quick reply !!

      thanks for that, specially where to watch, never knew that.
      Anyways, its more like I need the initiative to strike first... and how much power to use?
      Might sound funny, but does it help if you are fighting or sparring someone you dont like?

      Might make it easier??


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        Your welcome. Keep eye contact with his chin or chest but let your peripheral vision focus on his body - you notice different things kick vs. punch.

        When you get hit back, it will maintain your intensity. Get in there and bring the fight on. If you get too angry, you might drop your guard, accidentally stick your chin out or hunt for the head too much. Its ok to be charged, but keep focus.


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          The best way to develop a "thick skin" emotionally is to get hit, realize that you'll live, and learn that your fears are unfounded. I don't think aggression is the real key, focusing your adrenaline to keep you energized, but not angry or fearful works much better. Really aggressive people don't plan very well. Our game is about as aggressive as it can be, but it still does require tactics that are almost as complex as chess


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            right so i should try an focus adrenaline, watch my opponent(s) an get hit! thanks for the replies by the way, mucho helpful.

            When you are fighting, are you always thinking of another attack to spring into action? or are there times when you let your oponent come on to you?


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              Never give your opponent time to attack, keep hitting them.

              Learn a few simple moves and use the ones feel right at the time. If you spend time thinking about your next attack then you will pause, just go for a simple effective move that will work for that range.


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                Actually your goal is to not get hit, but be ok if you do. You will tire after several rounds and inevitably you might eat a few shots the longer you are in the ring. That's why its important to be in good condition - the better stamina you have, the fewer mistakes you make as the fight continues.

                Keep practicing your combos until you do them subconsciously. Work on defense, timing and counter punch/kicking.


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                  This is SOO right.

                  Originally posted by Lizard
                  Never give your opponent time to attack, keep hitting them.
                  I spar with a double black belt and he is way too quick for me. I'm only 4 belts into my style. He typically doesn't go "full go" in order to help me learn. A this point I can finally see the strikes coming (by watching the body). What has really improved my sparring with him is to just keep going at him. I've watched other guys spar with him and wait for him to move first and then try to react. They get hit....A LOT!

                  Anyway...from my limited experience, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK! Let them react to you. Even when you do get hit it's a lot less powerfull and precise.


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                    I´ve notised that I fight (sparr) worse when I´m angry. My movements et fast, but unprecise. It is better just not to really think about anything and just fight. This works for me, anyway


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                      "Emotional content...not anger!"

                      I've just got back from a grappling class and I have to say I felt I didn't do as well as I should have done because I was too passive. In hindsight, I felt that I spend to much time thinking and not doing. I'd get myself in a situation when I'm looking for that "perfect" submission etc when the other guy has already got me in a choke.


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                        I'm better when I'm pissed off, not really angry but slightly annoyed because I go for it a lot more. I find it hard to spar because I don't really want to hit people at first and a good whack or if someone has riled me slightly before means I fight a lot better. This guy was really patronising me last week and we were sparring and he didn't have his guard up and part of me just went "right then" and I lost the girlie don't want anyone to think I'm too aggressive mentality and everyone was surprised at how much better I looked (esp the guy who had been annoying me) so I think aggression is important, but not anger cuz then you lose focus


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                          When you get hit, it brings up the intensity but if you get too angry you loose focus and accuracy.

                          I watched two guys spar today. One of them got frustrated in a later round and started swinging. The other guy landed text book counter punches, kicks because the angry guy lost focus and purpose. He got TKOd.


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                            Re: Aggression?

                            Originally posted by jonbid
                            At the moment I find myself struggling to find aggression when fighting against people who i talk to before and after classes and especially when they are female.
                            these guys and ladies are there for a fight. if you hold back, it'll just disappoint them more. that's what i remember when i spar.

                            i empathize with you feeling weird about hitting your friends(especially the girls ), but realize that unless you go incredible hulk and purposefully injure them, they're going to be your friends after class just the same. focus on the combat, not who you're fighting with.


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                              remeber to keep your guard up, agression is alright, but dont fight with anger, it just clouds your judgment. remeber not to show emotion or to show your tired. if they know your tired, they'r gonna bombard you. As for the fighting vs a girl, ummm, not much i can say, just fight normaly