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    I would like to reply an article posted by Gerald Boggs from Practice Hall.
    I am Aldo Nishkam and this article, in the Internet, is declaring something about me that is is not true.
    Then, I have the right to reply to clear all about it.
    I started to teach BJJ in 1982 under Master Reylson Gracie and Master Joe Moreira in Brazil. I was a teacher assistant in his academy in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. I've got this for my background in Physical Education, Sports and Martial Arts - Capoeira/Judo/Jiu Jitsu.
    As an Educator, Sports Coach and Martial Arts practitioner, I am travelling worldwide for over 15 years teaching and learning different subjects, with no problem at all everywhere.
    I am graduated in Physical Education, by Gama Filho University and Castelo Branco University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with specialization in Scientific Sports Training Methodology, Physical Therapy, Soccer Coach, and also a Doctor in Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy and Massage Therapy. Also I have been ordained as a Minister by the University of Metaphysics - Los Angeles USA.
    I have been working as Educator, Minister, Physical Therapist, Sports and Martial Artist for over 20 years.

    I am here to clarify the facts about Practice Hall:

    1) I am a man of great respect, honor and I live with my family in USA for 10 years and my family and I, are LEGAL RESIDENTS WITH AUTHORIZATION TO WORK IN THE USA.
    I do not need to work under the table as this article says. The only problem was that I did not have my new card at the time because the INS was just sending it to me.

    2) I had a deal to work at the Pratice Hall studio for free until the studio being paid and I only could get money after that number been reached.
    I was not expecting make money for 1 or 2 months. In that way I have seen no problem to work over there.

    3) I have not threated Mr. Cobbs. I only told him the truth after he start not respect myself and my wife.
    The truth is: I have told him that he was not a BJJ certified instructor: as a blue belt he is only allowed to teach when you have a BJJ Black Belt under you. Another thing to know: he does not like to teach BJJ with gi, by this way he is not teaching the real BJJ. In this way, he is teaching submission grappling, what I have no problem with it, but he cannot advertise it as he is teaching BJJ.
    I am a man of integrity and I do not like to talk by the Internet. I like to do it personally. I will not extent this subject anymore because I am right and I have nothing to fear.

    4) I am until now the only Certified Brown Belt BJJ Instructor in Charlottesville area and I will keep doing my work with dignity and honestity as I do for so many years.
    I have no fear of competition, otherwise, I like it because make me better to challenge them.
    As a Martial Arts practitioner, I am ready to accept any kind of challenge in my life and this is my goal when teaching my students.

    Have fun & keep training the REAL BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU


    Aldo Nishkam
    Certified Brown Belt BJJ Instructor

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    Sounds like the guy who accused you was a jackass. Challenge him and his students and if you win he can no longer call it BJJ.


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