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    Hey what's up guys.
    I was looking around and seen a link to FightingGear, and thought I should order a pair of custom shorts. Has anyone ordered from them before? What was your experience like? Would you suggest another custom shorts company?

    One of my main concerns was that I would get the wrong size. I currently use a couple pairs of Fairtex shorts that fit great for the most part. I like the length and legroom, cut and waist size etc. They are XL. But one of them is already a little bit shorter than the others. I hear that other brands like Twins, Thaismai, Inter, Windy, etc. are all made shorter and smaller than the Fairtex shorts.

    Has anyone ever compared the size and length difference between Fairtex shorts and other Thai shorts like Twins or Thaismai? Should I just play it safe and get one size larger than normal?


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    Here's another question I have, that I posted on different board.

    I am in the middle of deciding on a couple different brands of Thai shorts and I'm not sure about the sizing. I currently use size XL in Fairtex shorts and they fit great. The Fairtex website says that XL is 35"-37" waist. Twins shorts says XL is 34"-36" and XXL is 36"-38", and they say if your size is between two, than go with the larger one.

    It seems that all shorts brands have a little different measurements. Should I be looking the letters like XL, and XXL? Or should I decide with the waist numbers like 35"-37"? Which way do you think would be safer to go?

    My regular pants size is from 32-34, but yet the Fairtex shorts XL listed at 35"-37" fit nice and snug with a good fit. Any tips?

    And sorry about all the shorts posts lately.