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Too old for Muay Thai??

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  • Too old for Muay Thai??

    Im 31 and really would like to learn Muay Thai and compete a little bit
    Im not trying to make career out of it just test my skill
    does anyone have any advice or input i guess im just a late bloomer

    thanks for the feedback it was helpful!

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    Your still young, go for it.


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      I'm 35. It isn't getting easier, but I can still work pretty hard.


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        Just get in there and start working. You can take a little more time possibly warming up and dealing with injury. When I was in thailand, met up with a foreigner who later became my instructor. After being visibly impressed by his work ethic and especially his work on the pads and in the ring clinching, i later learned he was 45. I asked him about it, you know age, etc, he said never thought about it, he said he keeps his mind focused and listens to his body if needs more rest or anoher day off. That was a helluva a motivation for me since i was like half his age and struggling through half of what he was easily doing with power, speed and finesse. Never give up, you can benefit from it even if you dont fight, it forces you to dig deep and it brings out things in you, you never knew existed!


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          it's never too late to start MA. Just take your time take it easy and do more stretching.

          Oh ya one more thing dont get frustrated when you see the youngers doing the silp.