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Camp Spotlight: Phuket Dragon Muay Thai

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  • Camp Spotlight: Phuket Dragon Muay Thai

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Here is my newest article featuring another great Muay Thai camp in Thailand. It's a new camp called Phuket Dragon Muay Thai. I know a bunch of people that have trained there. Check out the article and let me know your thoughts.

    If you think there is anything I left out, or if you know of another camp you would like to see featured, please let me know. Thanks.

    Camp Spotlight: Phuket Dragon Muay Thai

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    Nice review. I've really been enjoying reading these.


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      Thanks man. It's nice to know people are reading.


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        Yod is a very good trainer and nice guy he worked at Tiger Muay Thai for years and before that Chay-yai Gym.


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          yeah, everyone I spoke to had great things to say about Yod. I can't wait to train with him.


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            Top review, one question, if a weeks rate is 2400BAHT and the training is mostly 1on1, why is there Private trainer charge? is that just additional training or what?

            Otherwise i might look into going there instead of Fairtex this year.


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              A couple of reasons. First off, during group sessions, you don't get to pick your trainer. If you happen to like working with one trainer (most people like Yod) then you have to book them in a private session.

              Another reason would be if there were specific things you wanted to work on as opposed to just pad work. For instance, if you wanted to work on the clinch, or work on counters to leg kicks, you would have to work on that in a private session, and not just the conditioning pad work sessions.

              Hope that information helps. A couple people had that question, it is a very legitimate question. I had to question it myself at first.


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                By the way, if you decide to go there, you also have other options in the area. You can pop in to Tiger, Rawai, Sinbi or Nai Harn gyms in case you want a change of pace.

                I suggest paying weekly instead of monthly as well. Just a tip I picked up. That way, if you get injuried, you aren't out a ton of money, and the discount between weekly and monthly isn't much.


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                  Thanks for that, im starting to like Dragon a little more, to much political tension in Bangkok at the moment for a blond hair blue eyed male...

                  Which do you think the better option would be Tiger or Dragon? Im thinking Dragon because they are largely one on one, from the sounds of things. Would be of more benefit for someone of my skill level (which isnt very high). However i do like the MMA aspect of Tiger..


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                    Your best bet is going to be to try them both out. I think you will like the 1 on 1 aspect of Dragon, but if you are into the MMA, you may want to try Tiger for a week. They also have a much bigger facility, and more people train there, so you will make more friends. You may want to just set up your own accomodation instead of having one of the camps do it for you. Try The Nature House. Ask for Sunny or Ae. They will take care of you.

                    The camps are on the same road, literally 1 minute walk from each other, so if you stay right there you can train at both without having to worry about transport or different accomodations.


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                      actually that sounds like a top idea. I might spend a week at both and see which is the better option for me.

                      4weeks in December is going to be a killer.



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                        Actually, if I can raise enough money through my website, I might be taking a trip there in December as well. Maybe we will meet and train together.


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                          We just trained at Dragon ... we liked it. ;-)

                          One big thing I loved about Dragon was it was totally RAN by Thais and had the total Thai feel to it. The only thing I do not like about Phuket training camps is if you are a poor missions man you have to pay the big Baht to train ... it is all good I guess.

                          Here is a YouTube Link of some training at Dragon:

                          YouTube - 1- Fun in Phuket Muay Thai Family ROCKS!!

                          YouTube - 2- Fun in Phuket Muay Thai Family ROCKS!!


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