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Can you get brain damage in boxing from just training?

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  • Can you get brain damage in boxing from just training?

    I think I've asked this on this forum before, but I will ask again.

    Can you get brain damage in boxing from just training with headgear and a mouth piece?

    I want to learn boxing, but I am concerned about brain damage and am wondering if there is any way around it. Also, what are the chances of brain damage in kickboxing compared to boxing?

    Remember, I just wanna learn how to box, and I don't plan on going pro or amatuer.

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    Well, every time you get hit in the head, you sustain microinjuries. If it just happens once in a blue moon, it won't be appreciable. Research has shown that pro soccer players who've sustained many headbutts, etc... develop a thin layer of fat around their brains. At the expense of how many neural networks? I don't know. To make a long story short. The more you get hit in the head, the more likely it is that you're sustaining some kind of chronic injuries (that may not come back to haunt you until you're old). But if you're pretty recreational, I wouldn't worry too much.


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      I think you are pretty safe if you don't go flat out. Most of the damage in boxing comes when you are tired and dehydrated, so I prefer to box short rounds with long breaks. And not too often. I spar hard once a fortnight, and light once a week. Also don't spar with the kind of losers who have to try to win all the time - it's a learning tool unless you're competing or streetfighting.
      Not too sure about headgear - I think it can cause as many problems as it solves. Anybody got any recommendations or tips to keep it safer?


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        reguardless of how short the rounds, how tired or dehydrated you are, all it takes is to get your clock cleaned one good time... greater damage will most likely occur in a full blown fight with no head gear rather than in training with the pads, but keep in mind that your brain is floating inside of your skull, suspended and anchored by strands of tissue, and each time you jar your brain, make it move suddenly and bounce off of the inside of your skull a few times, yes, you can cause brain damage... its kind of like thumping your portalble cd player with a half full coke bottle... minor concussions and micro lesions on the brain can happen even without you realizing it. avoid headshots at all costs if possible. a million whispers is a roar, just like too many "minor" head shots can add up and give you serious problems that might not develop until later on in life.


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          Yes you can.


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            brain damage

            brain damage, what a talked about subject, mostly in western boxing techniques. having read the replies already it is important that you remeber parts from all the differant replies. however, when discussing brain damage, single hits to a padded head normally dont have immediate effects. BUT
            over time they can have detrimental effects that mount up and contribute to slow speech, memory recall abilities etc.

            a good example is this, the brain is full of neurons, billions of them. each time you get hit in the head or footballers head a ball etc, a certain amount are lost. Neurons are essential for the brain to function (or just part of the equation), if you loose enough then you will see the effects.

            watch your head, move from head shots and wear protection at all times if you dont want to forget who you are when you are older(extreme example depending on what you do and how much you do it.)


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              I beleive you can, if your sparring partner is going pretty hard. Also if your skull is unusually thin. (rare)


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                If you wanna learn how to box but want no damage to u'r head, then go ahead and get u some video tapes and a punching bag. Watch the tapes, hit the bag.

                In my opinion, all this whining is useles. I would rather fight hard like Bruce Lee and die early then spend my life trying to protect my head and die late. If u'r head starts to cause u problems then go to a doctor and ask for advice, but as long as u'r ok then go fight u'r heart out.

                Keep in mind that tomorrow u can be in a car crash and get brain damaged without trying. What's the possibilities of that u might ask... hah, I used to ask the same question. at age 8 I was in a car crash and hit my head hard, what happened, nothing. I still get A's and B's in grades. Then at 10 I was laying on the ground in a play ground and some asshole litterally used my forehead as a jump board for his motorcycle. I had 35 stiches on my head and stayed at the hospital for about 6 months. I got out, what happened? Nothing. Ok, I admit that I have problems remembering but that's about it. I still get A's and B's and spar every week.

                You may have sex with someone tomorrow and get aids or some other STD. This wont hurt u'r brain but it'll kill u sooner or later. Does this keep u from having sex? Shit, it has no affect on me.

                Start taking chances u wussies... Life without no excitement is as good as no life at all.


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                  Learning any reality based art like boxing, you will run the risk of injury. A little common sense will go a long way here in your training. To begin to spar without headgear and without proper training all while going full out is a sure fire way to get yourself hurt. Broken nose, jaw, teeth, brain damage etc.

                  Train smart. Learn the basics of defense and offense. Become familier and somewhat comfortable with the art before you go nuts and get yourself or your training partner hurt.

                  As your skills increase your can increase your intensity in sparring. Keep in mind there is no such thing as a completely safe contact sport. You can always sustain some kind of injury if you are not carefull or you do not train smart.

                  Start by what is called isolation sparring. Pick a particlular tool that you wish to work for that round. ie only work the jab. You and your partner can only jab offensively. Defensively isolate your sparring to either slipping or parry. By training this way you can develop that tool and the appropriate defense. As stated earlier you can always add more tools and complexity but you should work up to it.

                  Train smart, be safe, and wear protective equipment. By the way this training meathod was used by Bruce Lee.


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                    only a little but remember this

                    of course you get get braindamage during boxing but not enough to actualy notice. if you think about your brain being jolted around in your haed due to a 10-12 ounce glove being smashed on your skull then offcourse your gonna get damaged. BUT remember this if you dont want or you worry about the damage every time you spar then theres no point in carrying on, because your just gonna endup getting more hert than you should due to lack of concentration.

                    Above all just duck and weeve its the best way to get as little as posible damage


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                      Originally posted by Goku

                      Start taking chances u wussies... Life without no excitement is as good as no life at all.
                      you have the most courageous computer I've ever seen!

                      you probably don't even have your seatbelt on as you plant your ass on the chair and preach


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                        yes you can. omg...