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Congrats. Brian Y.

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  • Congrats. Brian Y.

    Saturday night in Salt Lake City the Muay Thai Institute (Where Saekasam is the head trainer) featured eight Muay Thai fights and one hectic Pancrase rules fight (the Pancrase fighters took the fight on one days notice).

    Brian Yamasaki stepped into the ring with Matt May (Yes, they switched opponent's on him again) and proceeded to deal out 3 rounds of Prumb and knees on his way to a unanimous decision vistory.

    The judges were none other than Bas Rutten, Alex Steibling, and Walter "Sleeper" Michalowski.

    As a personal observation, I have to say it was fascinating to watch the redness on May's ribs grow round after round. A few times during the fight May, who has to be five or six inches taller than brian, tried to turn Brian only to have it reversed and then met with a knee to the gut.

    Thirty seconds into the first round and you could tell by the look in May's eyes that he didn't know what to do. Brian fought an excellent tactical fight.

    I have to say that Matt seemed like a great person and I hope to see him fight again; however, Saturday night was Brian's.

    Additional congratulations should go to Brian's instructor Khuen Khru Will Bernales.

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    Way to go!!! Knew you'd do it! Congratulations! Talk to you soon!
    Take care!
    Bryan "Double Dose" Dobler


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      Alright, Brian!! Congratulations. I bet it must have hurt that guy's pride to be defeated by a guy with an eye patch.



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        Hey thanks guys

        I did o.k. I'm just doing my best to represent the TBA in a fashion befitting its standards, esteem and technical excellence.

        Heh... eye patch... that's funny

        And thanks for the kind write up Gerrald.