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  • 50 lb punching bag

    I want to buy a 50 lb punching bag, and was wondering if its possible to hang it in my room without tearing the ceiling off, and also what to use to hang it, because right now im using an old matress as a punching bag.

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    well do u live in a house or an apartment???? im not sure how apartments are but in a house all u have to do is find the supporting beam and get a few deep screws in that then mount some kinda plate and hook on it.

    if ure in an apt i guess u could buy a stand


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      You really do NOT know what you are doing, and could cause all kinds of damage. Why not try one of those free-standing things, like the wave-master?


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        I saw that too, cost $40 more but i'd rather have the 50lb bag, but if i can't hang it i might have to settle for it.


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          I would not recomend the wave master. I have one and punching it hard sometimes causes pain in my shoulders as it is like punching a wall, very little padding whole lotta plastic. however it is fun to slide the padding off and thai kick the plastic.
          just my opinion.




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            This from something I posted a few months back about the Wavemaster:

            I had one back when I lived in an
            apartment. I thought what the heck, it will give me something to beat on
            when I'm not working Thai pads with a partner. Problem was, I was constantly
            kicking the thing over. After one particlarly hard round kick that sent it
            over, I immediatly noticed a large stain forming on the carpet underneath
            the Wavemaster. I had split the seam that runs up the neck. What a mess.
            Water everywhere. If you have to use one, fill it with sand. If at all
            possible, get your self a good heavy bag. I'm
            partial to the 6ft Fairtex Banana bag myself.

            Now, on hanging a bag. I found this to be very successful.

            one: 8' long 4x4

            Five: lag bolts (long enough to run through the 4x4 with 2" - 3" left to
            sink into the rafters) with large washers.

            one: Large eye bolt (screw).

            Three: Now, I forgot what these are called, they are used for mountain
            climbing. Metal clips that are spring loaded so you can clip them onto rope.
            You see anodized one on key chains nowadays. I use one on each strap of the
            heavy bag. Carrabiners (sp?).

            Six: flat heavy duty black rubber bungy (sp?) cords with metal hooks (the 19" Quick Straps with heavy duty hooks by M&K Industries. Get them at Home Depot).

            I drilled five pilot holes through an 8' long 4x4 and mounted it
            perpendicular to the rafters in my garage using lag bolts. I then screwed
            in a large eye bolt to the 4x4 and hung the bag from it. This way the load
            was spread out to five separate rafters instead of one or two. Because I was
            going out in the garage at 4:00 am to do my solo training, I had to come up
            with a way to hang it that wouldn't cause a lot of jarring like a chain will
            (I didn't want to wake up the kids, or even worse...THE WIFE). What I ended
            up doing was getting six flat heavy duty rubber bungy (sp?) cords with
            metal hooks to hang the bag with. Put one metal clip onto each strap of the
            heavy bag. Start with two bungies, put one hook of
            each cord into the eye bolt, run them through the metal clip and back up to
            the eye bolt. Do the same with the other two straps. This way you have two
            bungies doubled up and supporting each strap. The bag ends up hanging about
            3 - 4 inches off the floor
            It works great. It held up great for over two years and I only had to replace two bungy chords. It's quieter and less stressful on the rafters. Also, it's
            easier on the joints of your legs.

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              very nice post......


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                I like to think of myself as a half-assed Bob Vila wannabe.....with out the gut or the beard, much taller with lighter hair and better table manners (But I am willing to try if I have too).

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                  I too live in an apartment, 3rd floor. I have a 200-pound bag, about 30" in diameter by 5'. I leaned it into a corner and I can knee it no problem, kick it fairly well with my lower shin, half-shin half-knee kick, half-knee half-shin kick (yes, they are different kicks), footjab it no problem. I also have a half-canvas knee bag that I filled loosely with about 30 lbs of rags which I carry around and knee, high tangs, tyees (curve knees), skip knees. If you can get your footwork quiet enough not to bother your neighbors, (I skip rope in my place several times a week at 0430) you will know that you are pretty light on your feet. Tangentially, you might try skipping rope on a curb, forwards, backwards, sideways. I know people who skip up and down stairs (be careful at first). I also run my stairs forward, backward and sideways for agility. Squat jumping up and down your stairs will work your quads tremendously, and improve your round kicking. As you can see, you are only limited by your imagination. Shadow box all the time, kicking over anything/everything.


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                    I'm assuming that you guys are talking about the wavemaster that you can pick up at any sports shop. Browsing around, I saw that there is a new Wavemaster XXL:

                    Has anyone seen this one/had experience with it. I want to get a Fairtex 6 ft bag, but I live in a townhouse with a garage, and have been told that installing it to the ceiling will have the whole house shaking when it is kicked. This looks like a pretty good alternative, but haven't seen one live.

                    Thanks for the feedback


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                      Read the "Help 8FT Fairtex Pole Bag" thread for some ideas. I have the Fairtex 6 ft bag and I think you could get away with hanging it in your garage using the supports and the bungi method I described to hang it. It absorbs the shock and prevents the jarring that a chain will make (I was working the bag at 4:30 am and never woke up the family). It's worth trying. Fairtex gear is first rate and you'll have the advantage of using your footwork to reposition yourself against a moving target. The Wavemaster just sits there.
                      I described in a previous post using a 8' long 4"x4" and drilling into 5 rafters to spread out the weight, what I didn't mention was that it was a finished garage (sheet rocked and painted). Before I sold the house, I took it down and filled the five holes with spackle and touched it up with paint. You would never know it was there unless you looked real close. I mention that because you might be able to hang it that way and use the bungies to hang it and all your neighbors will probably hear is your legs or fists smacking the bag. Either way, it will work. It's just a matter of how much you want to get into it?

                      Good luck,

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                        Balaz Boxing sells heavy bag mounting rigs...


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                          Well, at $830.00 for the basic single station unit, I think I'd come up with my own system for hanging my bag (which I did). Besides, I like my 6ft bag (which is what Mr. skilz says he wanted) to hang just a couple of inches off the floor which might interfere with the feet on this thing. Teeps...bouncing off the upright. Also, I'd be curious to see what would happen when I wale a round kick into the bag and send it flying off to the appears to be designed for smaller bags. But other than that, it looks ok.



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                            I also have a half-canvas knee bag that I filled loosely with about 30 lbs of rags which I carry around and knee, high tangs, tyees (curve knees), skip knees.

                            I have one of those Perma-Built head bags that I use in the same manner. I also like to hold it against my lead leg with one arm and throw crosses at a student and let them counter or evade and fire a 3/4 to full power round kick into it. Or hold it against my rear leg and shoot jabs and let them do the same. Most of that Perma-Built equipment was very well constructed.



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                              I currently have a Fairtex banana bag and have been a Wall mount hanger
                              Maybe this can help u.

                              U can probably also use some of the other choices here:

                              good luck!