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  • Bryan Dobler fight

    Hey, just to let you guys know, TBA's own Bryan Dobler of Fontana, CA won his IKKC U.S. Welterweight title fight last night by stoppage. That's all the details I have now, I tell you more info when I get it.

    Take care,

    Bryan Popejoy

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    Congrats Little Bro

    Right on Bryan!
    and thanks to you too, Bryan, for reporting this to us. What a great ending to a fine Saturday night. If you talk to Bryan or if you (Bryan Dobler) see this accept the congratulations from Bruce Raymer, Mike Walrath and myself, plus all the gang up here at the camp.


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      Thanks you guys! I heard it was a really good fight, my best yet. Don't remember much of it though. A lot of knees. I won by KO in round 5. They threw in the towel. It was a very meaningful night for me! My first title. Did anyone order the pay-per-view? Was I on it? Did anyone tape it. I heard a lot about the fight but can't remember, just know I kicked some butt! Would love to see it though! Take care everyone!
      Bryan "Double Dose" Dobler


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        Kheun Khru Dobbler,

        Congratulations on behalf of myself, and all the guys out here in Utah! What a way to finish a fight. I'll be expecting a re-enactment (without the bone jarring) next time I see you in Oregon.

        I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Your dedication, tenacity and work ethic is truely an inspiration.

        Take Care.
        Brian Yamasaki


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          Alright! Congratulations, Brian. Way to go!



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            Here is a link to some pics from the fights that night. Hope you guys like them! Double Dose