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About MT training outside of Thailand

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  • About MT training outside of Thailand

    Do most people who wanna train Muay Thai to fight go to Thailand and train there? Is it because the art originated from there? Or is it the training there ?

    Gyms in North America, like Fairtex, and other Gyms in Canada, are they as good ?

    How about in where I was born, the Philippines, Are there any good Muay Thai Gyms there? As for the FMA, are the schools hard to find to train arnis ?

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    My best guess as an answer would be this..... if you want to fight in Thailand then i think you may want to go there and train at least a little bit. Just imagine how spoiled we are training here in america with carpeted floors, air conditioning, and so on. Then after training here you go to Thailand where its hot and hellish and much more taxing on the body. Its kindof like fighting out of your element. I have even heard of people that are going to fight in Thailand actually go and stay there for a few weeks before the actual fight just to adjust to the weather, water and other elements. As to Filipino martial arts i have no idea who or what is down in the Phillipines, but as to in america i would get in touch with the Inosanto Academy and find out who the affiliate in your area would be. Hope that helps


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      Do any of you guys know any schools of Kali in Ontario area ?

      BTW, there are 18 different listing on the FMA Database for Ontario Canada. So, it looks like you might have a good chance to find something close to you. Hopefully there is one near you.

      Also many listing for the Philippines as well. It's a good place to start looking.

      I'm not sure about MT in the Philippines but there probably is. You could also try Yaw Yan which is supposed to be the Philippine equivilent of MT.

      Good luck.