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    Ive been involved in thaiboxing for about 15 years or more & 7 months ago i broke my right fibia & tibia 20 sec's into a fight by throwing a downward turning kick at my apponent but i caught his hip bone as he turned & my leg carried on & snapped off half way down my shin, i then stepped onto it not knowing and u can guess the rest...
    anybody had this happen & how long did it take them to recover.

    Thanx for replies
    i just had lower screws removed to relieve pressure on ankle but titanium rod & top screws staying, hoping to start back with stretching & a little fitness this weekend.
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      All I can say is damn dude, that's gotta hurt like hell!!

      Broken bones usualy take about 6 weeks or so to heal, then its back to building the muscle back up. One word of caution, once a bone is broken, it can be, NOT ALWAYS IS, prone to breaking again. Make sure and keep your calcium intake at a slightly higher than normal intake. This will help you bone heal better and stronger tremendously.

      I have suffered several broken and cracked (fractured) bones. Mainly my wrists. I broke my right wrist twice in the same exact spot, the second time was about 3 months after it was in a cast after the first break.

      When you get out of a cast, start building the muscles up as soon as possible, this type of stress is great for bones that were recently broken.


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        Jeeeeezus! Those X-rays are gonna haunt me...

        Maybe i should take up tap-dancing


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          Oh, man. That's gotta hurt. How many fights did you have under your belt?



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            7 fights

            Iv'e fought top of the bill and KO'd a local area instructor in 1 rd with a shin kick over the top of his guard and into his jaw who then fell backwards, bounced under the ropes unconscious & into the trophy table.

            which is an experience which i will never forget.

            this KO will soon be posted on the net as it has been lost for 5 yrs & was told that it was the best KO seen in my area.

            now at 32 i think it's time to just instruct & train even though if i was younger this is a recoverable injury to compete.

            i hope this photo & video when submited doesn't turn anybody off the sport as this can be quite rare and the training & competing is an awesome buzz, i envy all u youngsters!!

            i started in style & left in style!!
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              retiring at 32? whoa man, you got at least 20 more years to go


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                I've never really liked the idea of a low roundhouse. I can whip 'em in quite quick and strong, but have a real fear of suffering the same fate as you. Ouch!

                All that shin to shin contact is bad enough, but shin to hip? You were really unlucky to cop for that.

                I'm mostly into stomping kicks now. Useless for sports (I'm self defence motivated) but much easier on the kicker. Since I am the grand old age of 39 I'm not going to risk my old bones like you younger fellahs.

                PS - has anyone seen my incontinence pants?


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                  As far as the recovery is considered, I tore my ACL in June 2002 and I am still not fully healed. I go to my classes and spar lightly, but no way can I go full force. Who knows how long it will take.


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                    Iv'e just captured my 1 rd KO onto mpg file so if anybody wants to see it click below.

                    download a small version at dave tew's site
                    the approaching storm

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                      went back training a few days ago & managed 2 lessons of just bag work and a little exercise but had massive cramp in my calf 2 days later...oh well looks like i'll just have to take me time.
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                        it's been 8 & 1/2 months now so i started stretching 3 weeks ago & took this picture as a base to see how my leg comes on in the following months.
                        im not doing any contact whatsoever with shin but doing various static stretching & leg swings to free up the ligaments/muscles traumatised by the operation although havin the bottom screws removed has freed up a lot of movement in my ankle.
                        hope this makes people realise that you can recover with time from the worst of injurys.
                        even though iv'e always been skinny you can notice in the picture how quick the calf muscles in my broken leg (left in the picture) rapidlly shrink and tighten after such an injury.
                        (i'll take back the skinny bit as iv'e jumped from 72kgs to 86kgs while i was off comfort eating on kebab's & pizza's).
                        gotta belly like a buddha hidden under my shorts lol.
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                          You ugly man. No offence, but you could blank out that face couldn't ya?


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                            was tempted mate but i thought F**K IT i aint hiding behind some shitty avatar.
                            anyway i had an excuse as i'd just been training for an hour with my mate who will become the British KickBoxing champion this saturday in Bristol!!!!
                            (welsh men's beauty are kept hidden in their shorts not in their gob bri-thai)
                            anyway you gotta give me some excuse for being so F**ked Up to be in this sport (model i ain't but the misses is happy when she's got on her sunglasses LOL)
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                              One things for sure. I'm never going to fight with you. You look like you've survived the most horrendous beatings..........