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Tai Chi,realistic or not for self-defense?

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  • Tai Chi,realistic or not for self-defense?

    Tai chi is considered a martial arts by many,it is said that if the techniques of Tai Chi are to be used very quickly in a real situation they will be very effective as a self-defense.Of course these techniques can be done very quickly and softly if the other person isn't moving and isn't fighting back.

    I personally do not consider Tai Chi an art of self-defense.

    I can not imagine how an art with nothing but forms can be useful on street.

    For any art to be useful on street you need to train and practice like a fighter through full contact sparring.

    Tai Chi as far as I am concerned is just an art for practicing chi and for learning to relax, that's why it is very good and healthy for young and elderly people.

    Who here agrees ?
    Only good for relaxation and Chi
    Great for both relaxation and self-defense
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    You may get more responses on teh chinese forum....but to answer your question generally I agree in the sense that the application of Tai Chi is not taught. But if you find sun and wu style that will teach application it is effective. And your handg up with forms is virtually all asian MA


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      Wonder who deleted my post then???


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        ah no - one - there is a duplicate of this thread!

        oh dear!

        please actually learn about an art before making assumptions!

        I agree that 'in general' the Art of tai chi is not practiced for self defence. But the complete art is a definate fighting art.

        Here is some info for you.

        I can not imagine how an art with nothing but forms can be useful on street.

        This is a completely incorrect statement.

        The process of learning to fight in Tai chi goes like this:

        Form work = this teaches you alignment of your skeletal and tendon structure, This is scientifically proven to provide more power than the segmented muscular system of external arts. Tendons have huge amounts of potential energy when put under tension they can then release this force. Form work also teaches you about rooting, balance and basic foot work.

        Single/ double and freeform push hands = This teaches you the listening skill thatis used in tai chi fighting. this skill is used to follow your opponents movement. It allows you to recieve punches of any power easily via redirection, yeilding and relaxation.It also teaches you about application of force, pre-emptive striking, Chin Na / throwing techniques, attacking vital points etc etc. This is the first step towards free fighting. you also learn Da lou which teaches slipping and escaping an attack.

        Free sparring / fighting = after some time of Pushing hands/ feet. and training in the power generation, you will move to free sparring which includes, kicking, punching, palm strikes, elbows, shoulders, knees, head butts, throwing, locking, point striking etc etc.

        After some time you do this full contact. but because you are so sensetive to your opponents movement you rarely get too hurt (unless they unload a powerful punch into your ribs breaking one as happend to me!)

        This may seem like a long process but can be achieved withing a few years if dedicated.

        It produces a very different and highly effective fighter, that is very mobile, highly adaptable and has the ability to punch with huge power (due to the fact that the entire skelital structure is behind every strike!)

        So as you can see - the art is fairly complete and not JUST FORMS!

        Admittadley it will be hard to find a teacher with the knowledge to teach all this. But this is the real art - not the yoga like shite you see some old biddy doing in the park!



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          Chris...thanks. I just didn't have the energy to go in detail


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            Like the person above me said, Tai Chi is called "Ultimate Warrior Fist" or something of the like for a reason. Sure, it usually cannot be used as a martial art for a pretty long time, which I think is a big minus, but when mastered, it is as much a form of combat as anything else.

            Your belief that nothing can be useful unless it involves full contact sparring, constantly, is very flawed. There have been stories of people who have trained for a while, built the art into themselves, and when they got attakced, the art took over.

            But once again, sparring is definetly a plus.


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              Why do you make threads like this in the MT forum?


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                Originally posted by jules
                Why do you make threads like this in the MT forum?
                Ya my mistake so I redid did it in Chinese martial arts forum where I meant to post it.

                No longer reply in here.