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    Originally posted by eXcessiveForce
    there used to be lots of mods here, now there is really just me, at least for most of the forums.

    Until this year I couldn't ban people, I had to have Tim do it. even so I'd only ever asked 3-4 people be ban. Until this year, and i've had to ban 20-30 people.

    However there used to be a set of rules posted on how to deal with trolls, I should have kept a copy of it.
    Well eXcessiveForce your doing a good job so far. I think we should thank him for his hard work. Specialty for bannin the biggest troll tkd_person.


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      I haven't read anything but Tant's first post.

      I have to agree, this forum is very beneficial and a lot of perspectives flow through here, and a lot of information about martial arts is traded. I've learned a lot here, and I better understand the traditional/modern perspectives, and the ideas/concepts of many martial arts.

      We should get rid of those who aren't here to validly contribute. We should be here to learn and share what info we've got, not bash certain martial arts or insult everyone with cold wit. Everyone should make a concious effort to get rid of these trolls and be less insulting on these forums, it just turns into middle school lunch room arguments about homosexuality or something likfe that.

      Keep it professional.


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        that would be wishful thinking danfaggella, but the truth is that this is the internet.
        you cant stop a person opinion about things or stop them from arguing on the smallest comments.
        we just have to ignore them yes i know its hard, but we must. n we cant ban them either. if we do they'll come back with a different name starting the same crap again. plus i kind of like seeing them getting schooled n feeling stupid over the internet.