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Reality vs Vaccum Study

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  • Reality vs Vaccum Study

    I am speaking of street application vs classroom.

    Nowadays, many do not desire to spend countless hours in learning traditional forms, weapons, pressure points, etc., to where RBSD (Reality Based Self Defense, or RBD) or Reality Based Martial Arts, seemed to have sprouted up like wild daisies.

    Gone are elaborate or high kicking, elaborate ideals of so many places where to strike, multiple patterns of blocking, etc. Key words are practical, applicable, probable/improbable, and environment.

    People like Marc McYoung, Iain Abernethy, Geoff Thompson, Bas Rutten, Robert Bathol, Imrich Lichtenfeld, Gerry Nolan, Bruce Tegner, Jim Wagner, to name a slight few, have come to realise the importance of defense fighting as applied to actual, out of class confrontations.

    The root of self defense is not what is workable in the classroom or school, but what is one subjected to in a social-cultural environment for which they would be more likely be exposed.

    This is not to state, that one should not study other methods to gain versitility, but one should not put too much focus on such methods slighlty indiffferent to said environment.

    The phrase-quote; "fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times", has only a half truth.

    The other half to this is; it depends on what or how effective said "one practiced" kick is. It is no use to practice something for so long without a practical application and force it to work in another.

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    Are you starting a thread to encourage comments or are you just saying whats on your mind?


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      Reality vs vacuum study, It is new for me because i never think about these two different things. Maybe it were not be perfect because we people are always using these writepass tricks where many of the difference is be created with such different plans which they are showing to understand or to check this difference.