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Knife defence according to Paul Vunak

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  • Knife defence according to Paul Vunak

    Great clip I found, with Paul separating myths from reality.

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    Nice video. I havnt seen it before. I think his outlook on knife defence is fantastic. Reality, not movies. Only thing, and this is my personal opinion, is that he moves a bit too 'classical filipino' for me. Could be simpler. Little thing. Great educational video!


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      Good clip.


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        I like this clip. I agree with much of it. In fighting, we always attack the most immediate and dangerous threat. If the attacker has no weapon, then his most immediate threats are his ability to walk, see, and breathe. If he does have a weapon, then the most immediate threat is that weapon or the hand holding it. We must attack the hand holding the weapon. Again, during our attack, we must go for the kill or the knockout. Reason being that even if we get a hold of the attacker’s weapon or force it from his hands, he may have another, or he may be on drugs an unable to feel strikes or injuries, and so he will keep coming. We cannot risk these situations, so again, we must put the attacker down, we must go for the kill. Remember, as far as you’re concerned, his intention is to kill you, so don’t hesitate; you must match his intention, you must also intent to kill.

        Before using a technique, remember to use a blinding effect (sand, dirt, spit, etc.) when applicable and available, to create a momentary window and gain the advantage for your attack.


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          I like Karl Tanswell's STAB and Jerry Wetzel's Red Zone.


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            1st clip pretty much basic FMA stuff.

            2nd clip mmmm errr.....not sure about that...looks like fun though!!!

            But this is my favourite knife fighting clip on the net...enjoy...


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              Forgot to mention Senshido. Here are some pretty awesome, no bs knife defense clips by Richard Dimitri.