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It doen't matter what you do! It doesn't matter what I do! - Students remarks below.

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  • It doen't matter what you do! It doesn't matter what I do! - Students remarks below.

    It only matters: Can I stop you, or can you stop me? No Matter What! When I spread this around, everyone says the same thing, oh yeah! And one well known instructor changed it to: "Not matters what" - See what the students had to say! About the SinaTirsiaWali program in Pasadena, California - below.

    Palit-Palit is what inspired me in 1977 in Cebu City where I first met GM Canete and the CANETE family, and GM Bobby Tobota. – Both have never seen before the rendering of the new Palit-Palit’s SinaTirsiaWali’s 188 sinawali. I hope you’ll join us for the next exciting seminar or organize one for yourself. We can offer our extensive email list to obtain more students in your area. Thanks, visit us at: Kali Silat New Thanks, and warm regards to you and your students, Greg Alland, Grand Master 37 years in Kali Silat..

    And here's the real kicker. From Guru Ed that's been practicing SinaTirsiaWali for 20 years or more, when they did the Pasadena seminar with several instructors, here's what the students had to say. "The seminar would have been better if we just did the SinaTirsiaWali, instead of that other stuff!"

    They are just now beginning to learn and it would be better if they know the
    drills and have had some practice before you came out. We are still in the infancy but give them a month or two and they should be
    ready with everything.

    Some of these guys had wanted to instruct Capoeira some years back and I
    brought them up to instructor level, but it never really panned out since
    only a niche group of people want to study that art. In my Silat studies

    Now with STW, perhaps with the greater mass appeal kali-silat has, they feel they can accomplish something better. They are great guys, humble hearts and eager spirits. They have fallen in love with STW and are confident they will help me grow the Club into a positive and successful group. I only talk of training to be certified to
    promote and propagate the Art and this is their mindset now.

    Today I'm getting the footage to give to Lawren for editing and as soon as
    he's done I will send you and Guru Dennis a copy. I will keep you posted on
    progress. We start our official first class October 3rd Sunday. We will
    learn and work on the STW drills.

    Yes, we are working on having you out with us now. I wanted to train
    everyone in the SinaTirsiaWali so we could benefit from your instruction.
    We are just now starting a class. The workshop was to jump-start classes and to
    gain some momentum.

    Best regards and thank you so much again,