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    Thousands of UK children have carried a knife for their own protection | Mail Online

    Thousands of children have carried a knife for their own protection in the last year, shock figures revealed today.

    The youngsters admitted they had a weapons with them - even though they agreed that it made them more likely to be stabbed themselves.

    The figures, based on interviews with almost 2,000 children aged between 13 and 15 for the British Crime Survey, were released for the first time to show children's experiences of bullying and personal safety.

    One in 100 children said they had carried a knife for their own protection in the last year, while more than one in eight said they knew someone who had.

    But more than two in three - 69 per cent - agreed that carrying a weapon meant they were more likely to be the victim of a blade attack themselves.

    Younger children more likely to think that having a knife increased their chances of being harmed, the survey found.

    Home Secretary Theresa May has said the Government are 'absolutely clear' that anybody convicted of possessing a blade should expect to be sent to prison after ex-EastEnders star Brooke Kinsella published a report on the issue in February.

    The 27-year-old actress was brought in by the Government after her 16-year-old brother Ben was stabbed to death three years ago.

    She found that many headteachers were reluctant to run anti-knife crime workshops out of a fear their school would be labelled as having a problem, damaging its reputation.


    Cheating in exams, shoplifting and dodging fares: What a quarter of teenagers think is acceptable behaviour

    The crime survey also revealed that 22 per cent of children aged 10 to 15 had been bullied in a way that frightened or upset them in the last year.

    Boys aged 10 to 12 were the most likely to have been targeted.

    In 79 per cent of cases the children involved had been called names or sworn at, and in 7 per cent of incidents they were ordered to hand over money or other items by their tormentors.

    Of all those who had been bullied in the last year, around one in four said they had been victims of cyber-bullying, where victims are sent 'unwanted and nasty emails, texts or messages' or have unpleasant items posted about them on a website.

    A total of 3,762 children aged between 10 and 15 were interviewed across England and Wales for the survey.

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    In other news, the world is round, and theyre selling dogs in chinatown.


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      Lol. Most of us are adult enough to know that this isn't new, just thought it was interesting.


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          I know your aversion to educating yourself comes from a fear that all your JR. high school wrestling students will be smarter than you in a few years.

          Why don't you go harass Tim about the articles he posts?


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            Oh, is there some special "education" required to copy and paste other people's words?


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              Originally posted by jubaji View Post
              Oh, is there some special "education" required to copy and paste other people's words?
              Reading skills and comprehension not a strong suit of yours either huh? Mr. agenda.


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                Ok, now who were you quoting there?


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                  Originally posted by jubaji View Post
                  Ok, now who were you quoting there?
                  And the beat goes on.......


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                    The copy and paste goes on...


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                      Contribute something or tape your fingers to your ass Jubs... TY


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                        "In all countries where personal freedom is valued, however much each individual may rely on legal redress the right of each to carry arms - and these the best and the sharpest -
                        for his own protection in case of extremity, is a right of nature indelible and irrepressible, and the more it is sought to be repressed the more it will recur."

                        James Paterson's Commentaries on the Liberty of the Subject and the Laws of England Relating to the Security of the Person, (London, 1877), Vol. 1, p. 441;


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                          Its a violent world. If I was a kid growing up today I would probably be carrying a knife on a regular basis too.


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                            The world wasn't violent when you were growing up?


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                              Kids these days shouldn't carry knives. Used to be that kids carried pocket knives to use as tools, respected them, and actually could be trusted with them. That was before the world went to shit and the youth became so retarded that in this country we hand out medals to everyone for participation so nobodies feelings get hurt and make kids wear helmets doing basically any activity that doesn't involve stuffing their fat faces with junk food and playing video games. I don't know whether to blame the lack of parenting, the decrease in infant mortality, or X-box, McDonald's and MTV, but I think it is safe to say that the new group of kids can be dubbed "Generation Dur".

                              Here's what I think an adult may understand that a dumbshit kid wouldn't;

                              I think carrying a knife isn't to be taken lightly. I know that many people here are aware of the ramifications, repercussions, and realities that go along with using a knife to hurt another human being, no matter the circumstances involved. That being said, just because you have taken the time to ruminate on the legal and ethical implications of using an edged weapon, it doesn't necessarily follow that a young kid would. ****. There is a lot of machismo and braggadocio among people who carry knives for "self-defense" purposes...even among a lot of people who train in blade based systems...look at the Atienza Kali guy who stabbed the bouncer in NY a few years ago.

                              Carrying a knife may save your life and the lives of those you love.
                              It is also important to be cognizant of the fact that carrying and using a knife could also ruin your life and that of those closest to you.

                              Here's how I see it; most people are inherently retarded (and they are only getting worse, each new batch of kids seems to be more out-of-touch with reality and more prone to sociopathic tendencies, I could cite authors and probably find research supporting, post links to the extant literature concerning the topic, but I don't care enough to do I doubt many of ya'll would disagree), but a special few are drooling, small-dick-compensating, anti-social rejects who carry weapons and commit violent crimes. Because of this fact it is good to have a knife, know how to use it, be able to discern for yourself with complete certainty when you are within your rights to employ it, and pray that you never have to use it...and have a good lawyer on retainer.