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Exaggerating about testicle squeeze?

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    Originally posted by Shoot View Post
    I can speak from experience in sports that getting knocked in the balls does not stop you. I didn't wear a cup when I played football and took a couple of shots to the balls and was still able to make tackles after busting through blockers--achy balls and all. Off topic but related: In fact I played an entire game with a broken arm (that I broke in the first play of the game) and made many tackles.
    I don't disagree that sometimes you can shake off a glancing hit, or stomach it for a minute...but I HAVE accidentily mind you, kneed people in the balls both in training and in a muay thai fight. On all counts, the person dropped and gasped for air, cried, screamed at me through clenched teeth, etc.

    I remember quite clearly a big filipino guy (230+) I trained with for a while and I were doing clinch work and he opened up hit hip while I was doing curve knees. I didn't know that I'd GLANCED him until he went limp in my arms and dropped to the floor coughing and sucking air.

    It all depends on the person, the hit, etc. etc. I mean...shit...ever seen any Maplethorpe the one where the guy sticks his pinky down his shaft, or balances a stiletto on it? Pain is a relative thing...


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      My experience varies quite widely. Sometimes I feel it right away, sometimes it takes a while for me to notice or for it to get particularly bothersome or unbearable. Psychology also comes in, as I generally seem to feel pain more against someone I consider to be a difficult or dangerous opponent, and I shrug it off against someone I figure I can beat while half asleep. Even on the latter end of the spectrum I won't be ignoring it completely and will adjust so that it's no longer a threat to me, and adjustment always creates openings, so after grabbing the testicles you might find that it's no longer the only option available to you, and maybe you can create some space and work your way out. Consistently liver shots hurt me much worse than the balls. I find it also depends on what's being done, if it's a reversal where I'm getting the balls squished between my thigh and their arm I'm going to go with it since there likely isn't a great pay-off in grimacing through the pain. I could end up getting reversed anyway.


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        Originally posted by BCAA View Post

        Pain based methods are inherently uncertain,as pain tresholds vary invidually and enviromentally. Mechanical disabling,like taking out a joint,cannot be overcome.

        The force required to rupture a testicle is estimated to be 50 kilos. Most untrained women might find it hard to deadlift 50 kilos with both arms,at least it would likely take several seconds. It takes up to several seconds for a muscular contraction to reach maximum strength output. Testicular Trauma: eMedicine Urology

        While some men may exaggerate the durability of the testicles,your writing tends,IMHO,slightly to the direction of a ballbusting fan,who fantasize about being submissive and deny female weaknesses.
        Very rarely does one see a man shrug off a testicle attack in TV or cinema. Sometimes the effects are even strongly exaggerated,like being incapacitated by a towel whip. Although everyone is an invidual.

        If you go to YouTube,you can see a lot of boys volunteering to take fairly hard hits from girls,with varying success. I think that's pretty sad that they do,as it is harmful and sets a questionable example,but the point is a lot of them are willing to do it,while you almost never see a female subjected to the same treatment. Just imagine a woman being peer pressured into taking a haymaker in the face from a grown man. That's not even such a vital area.

        That makes me think of breasts. Women are required,recommended or allowed special chest protection in a lot of (combat) sports,so there's one vulnerability men don't have,aside from having more fragile bones,muscles,connective tissues and a higher concentration of nerves around the body leading to more pain. Sometimes the breasts can get even more tender than the testicles,relative to the menstrual cycle,but I'm sure there is invidual variation to that too.
        The ovaries are another gender specific weakness,although not necessarily a large one. Under UFC rules,some kicks to the kidneys are banned,which shows that mere internal location of an organ does not render them completely safe.
        Finally,it all depends how you define "severely" vulnerable. Women surely have advantages in the nether region department,but also some possible weaknesses,and some of the advantages even out in intergender fights,which is what all of women's self-defense is about. The sensitivity of the vulva is suggested by the fact that it is recognized as a target in self-defense publications.
        Vulnerable Points for Self Defense | Gedanate
        Second,the pubic bone of the female is likely more fragile,which adds to the severity of an impact. A man can exert quite more power,which would compensate,more or less,for any relative insensitivity to pain and injury.
        In addition,at least a few female fighters (such as TKD olympians) have been incapacitated by the strike of a fellow competitor,despite presumably wearing protection. Genital protection is also recommended or downright required in ringette,a sport in which body contact is banned and the plaything is a flexible ring,quite more forgiving than the solid, rock hard puck of ice hockey.

        And if he has her undressed,then he can tear her vulva &/or vagina with his hands. A penis can cause injuries there,so it is not surprising.

        When a 100 pound woman and a 200 pound man confront,the entire body of the woman will appear like a giant testicle (rather,an ovary) to the man,in terms of vulnerability.
        "so there's one vulnerability men don't have,aside from having more fragile bones,muscles,connective tissues and a higher concentration of nerves around the body leading to more pain."

        - Actually, men have less fragile bones and larger too, less fragile muscles and connective tissues, also men don't have a higher concentration of nerves all around the body, WOMEN do, they have twice as many pain receptors and nerve endings all around the body then men, THAT leads to more pain.

        "A man can exert quite more power,which would compensate,more or less,for any relative insensitivity to pain and injury."

        - True. But women are actually MORE sensitive to pain and injury, so you wouldn't need the compensation.

        "Second,the pubic bone of the female is likely more fragile"

        - Well, womens bones are generally more fragile and not as big, so yeah, very likely.
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          I was beaten one night a long time ago, I was drunk and talked shit to someone because he started behaving disrespectfully. So his friend got me when I turned back to the counter, got me in a clinch and kneed me twice on the jaw and "finished the job" with a kick right there before bouncers stepped in. I was still standing and defying while one of the bouncers held me. The morning after the jaw was hurting and I couldn't move it well for some days, but nothing serious. My testicles hurt badly, I mean they were bruised! I think that pain was what woke me up. I remembered very little of the incident, my friends told me what had happened and apparently the guy was huge and hit me full force. Maybe, but not well enough or I would have been knocked out drunk or not.
          I am sure that if I hadn't been drunk I would have felt the pain immediately and been down.


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            this is a large move because it can be finished from nearly any position. It is particularly helpful in a bearhug when your arms are pinned inside his (his error, since that's precisely where you need them to be!)


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              Today in the modern world crimes are everywhere even in our home is no longer safe. As individual citizen we must have Personal Alarms and Self defense product for women, to ensure our safety in everyday living.


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                I doubt if that kind of solution would do. I have a friend whose marriage was shaky before. Her husband was very abusive and violent in their relationship. She wanted to get out and leave home but her husband refuses to. She's afraid that her husband would do something really bad soon to the point he might kill her. She has a [URL Deleted] jealous husband URL deleted, that is why every time he feels she has done a wrong move, he uses physical violence. Glad his wife knew self-defense. She was able to save herself before she could think the worse that happened.
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