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  • MT: Sparrling partners

    Sparrling partners By hkfuie - 12-26-2008 08:45 AM


    Originally Posted by Tez3 (Post 1093131)
    Well I get fed up with pepole, okay men, who won't roll with women! And I get fed up with those who do but use their strength against them instead of techniques.

    Anyone have any good stories about men not wanting to spar?

    I've told my story before, but here it is:

    There was this military guy who was always bragging about his training all over the world. He was only in class occasionally b/c of long deployments. When we first started sparring I was concerned b/c he was throwing his huge body into the techniques and I thought he might catch me with one. Then I noticed he has this habit of looking in the mirror every few minutes to check out how cool he looked, so, of course sparring him became very easy with his overcommitment and narcissus distraction.


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