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Knee On Belly (KOB) – Attacks – VIDEO

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  • Knee On Belly (KOB) – Attacks – VIDEO

    Knee on belly is a good pressure position from which to launch attacks. To set up an attack, you’ll want to use get opponent into a vulnerable position by making them uncomfortable. First you’ll look for the armbar. If it’s not there then you’ll hit the kimura. (Start to the left of your opponent, your right knee in on their belly.)

    Knee on Belly Position Basics:
    Gi - Left hand grips the back of their lapel deep. Right hand grips their far pants leg at the knee.
    No Gi - Left hand grips the back of their neck. Right hand pushes down on their far hip.

    The Set-Up:
    Knee moves to the top of the sternum.
    Gi - Left hand pulls. Right hand pulls. Think bow and arrow.
    No Gi - Left hand pulls. Right hand pushes down on their far hip.

    The Attacks:
    1. Armbar - If your opponent moves their far elbow away from their body reach in and grab the back of their tricep and pull it tighly towards your chest. Try to touch their elbow on your sternum and your elbow to your own hip.

    1a. Kimura - If your opponent DOES NOT move their elbow away from their body, then pin down their wrist against their body (you want your thumb pointing towards their hips)

    2. Spin to North South. Put your free hand on their back and pull up to get them up onto their side. When they are on their side, pinch your knees together hard to keep them on their side. *If they are grabbing your pants leg. kick your knee-riding ankle over their wrist before you spin to staple their wrist and break the grip.

    3. Finishing the armbar - keep the tricep grib. Grab their wrist with your other hand. Step close to their armpit and rock back to finish. Keeping your hips as close to their armpit as you can.

    3a. - Finishing the Kimura - When they are on their side, lean down and get the Kimura grib, make sure to bend your motorcycle grip on your own wrist forward. Pop-pop-Right to break any protective grip they have. Finish by rotating, keeping all angles close to 90 degrees.

    **If you are short and are having trouble breaking the grip step up ont your foot (the leg behind their back). This will help you elevate. Then torque your hips and rotate your torso forcefully up and out toward the direction their body is facing. Once you break the grip rotate back the other way for the finish.

    Here’s a video in which Mike Fowler, who is a BJJ Black Belt, is showing an entry into the triangle choke from the knee on belly position. Click on the following link:

    Triangle Secrets - How To Master The Triangle Choke For The Average Joe: No Gi Triangle From Knee On Belly


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    or you would just stand up and stomp a stiletto in his face


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      Originally posted by blanker View Post
      or you would just stand up and stomp a stiletto in his face
      Yeah that would be pretty instant KO..