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MT: Victims of MA Feminisation??

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  • MT: Victims of MA Feminisation??

    Victims of MA Feminisation?? By Jenna - 06-18-2009 06:56 AM


    Just an observation, I wondered if anybody girls or guys would have an opinion?

    I noticed lately a marked feminisation - a softening up of martial practice. I visited with three different instructors this month (I am out of circulation and maybe that is the problem) and also accompanied friends to a basic SD course. I noticed that in the classes almost without exception (particularly with male/female opps), techniques were very much "held back" even amongst experienced grades; sparring was appallingly gentle, almost ladylike! To my annoyance, the SD course was entirely driven by what the women participants COULD do and COULD tolerate, rather than showing them what MIGHT happen and equipping them FOR it. Perhaps these are coincidental. I wonder have you seen similar??

    Though these practices fitted well within the girls' comfort zones and I know from asking, felt to them worthwhile and beneficial, I find these notions of MA/SD feminisation worrying for so many reasons. I worry that it acts conversely to how it should and is disempowering to those women that practice their MA in a highly feminised environment. I worry that it might lead to false confidence and complacency. I worry that the shock of real attacks are not considered and that the requisite gumption to stand up and overcome is completely disregarded in order that the MA/SD practices may not be deemed offensive to women doing them.

    I do not think MA feminisation is driven by women solely either. I think miscommunicated or uncommunicated expectations in mixed classes might be an issue. Likewise, the threat (or perceived threat) of litigation if an injury is sustained might have lead to senior practitioners handing down "holding back" didactics, though that is purely opinion.

    I practice Aikido and so I am not a RB fanatic, yet I think unless practice is "masculinised" - ie. at full force and full speed (or at least works up to it with novices) then women (and men alike) could be deceived over the effectiveness of their defence. Maybe, I do not know. What do you think?

    I am not directing this anywhere, just a casual observation I wonder if anybody has noticed similar feminisation. Or do you practise HARD, full force and if so, do you not feel better equipped for it?

    Hope this reads coherently. Thank you
    Yr most obdt hmble srvt,

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