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  • MT: PMS and training

    PMS and training By Stac3y - 06-30-2009 03:17 PM


    I train about 6 days a week (only 2 in class; the rest on my own) and follow a pretty strict exercise regimen. In general, I look forward to going to the gym or class each day because I know I'll feel better after working out than I did before.

    However...during my "PMS week" I have a hard time making myself do much of anything. It's not the cramps (though those can be pretty awful) so much as achy fatigue all over my body. Doing pushups or situps becomes much more difficult than usual; sometimes my balance goes out of whack; and I just hurt all over. Kind of like I'm coming down with a bug. I can still do all of my workout, it's just way harder than usual, and I don't get the after workout "high" that I usually do.

    Anyone else have the same problem? Any suggestions for combating this? It's just a miserable feeling.

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    I don't think there's a cure; I feel like I have the flu some months until my period is completely over. Mainly I'm just out of it and have no energy. I stay away from the gym that week and I skip my classes then. It's just too embarrassing: feeling unclean, the oder, the constant changing, worrying about if anyone will notice.... Staying home is just more comfortable.


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        I'm really uncoordinated for the first couple of days of my period. I'll go to my usual classes - karate or dancing or whatever - and just not be able to do the footwork that I could do the day before. That in turn makes me angry and grumpy. Which is exacerbated by the PMS. Since realising this, I usually I'll skip the training on those days and just go for a walk or something where I'm not likely to trip over my own feet.


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          Usually I stay away from the gym that week and I skip my categories then. It's just too embarrassing: feeling unclean, the oder, the unchanging altering, being concerned about if any individual will notice.


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