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MT: NICE martial artists wear skirts!

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  • MT: NICE martial artists wear skirts!

    NICE martial artists wear skirts! By Flea - 07-04-2009 02:00 PM


    It's summertime, and for me that means the long flowy sundresses and hippie skirts come out. I realized that from a SD perspective, dealing with all that extra fabric would add a whole new dynamic. So as an experiment, this morning I put a skirt on over my gym pants to see how it felt.

    What a surprise! The extra cloth was only the tip of the iceberg. I found that the skirt touched a deep psychological nerve of "I'm a girl," and so all my actions became much more feminine. I minced daintily in most of the drills. I spoke softly. I giggled where I usually laugh. I tried not to get dirty. And most interesting from a technical standpoint, every time I fell I was careful to keep my legs together and hold the skirt down with my hands.

    All this was unconscious, at first. Once I realized I was doing it, I just observed the thought pattern. I kept the skirt on to see where the sensation took me. It's a great education to watch one's thoughts dispassionately. I'm really amazed at how deep the gender conditioning goes just by putting on a different article of clothing. It's also a little embarrassing for such a self-proclaimed tomboy too. :uhyeah:

    Zo. The upshot of all this is that I'm hitting the Goodwill first thing on Monday to buy a junker skirt to wear at every practice for the forseeable future. This gender stuff needs a deeper look. That, and if I can learn to fight dressed like girl, I hope to be that much more badass once the skirt comes off. This may be an interesting challenge for the guys too as they occasionally struggle with the "don't hit girls" taboo.

    Should be interesting ...

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