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MT: Do i take the fight?

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  • MT: Do i take the fight?

    Do i take the fight? By Kitty - 07-22-2009 01:35 AM


    Hey ladies,

    Ok so I need some advice do I take the fight or not.

    Basically I trained for a white collar boxing fight for 4 weeks then my partner found out she was pregnant and thus I was not able to fight. There were three other female fighters but all where out of my height and weight range so I was not able to carry on. This was 6 weeks ago. I have since then not boxed but been doing MT and loving it, I train hard. Last night my old boxing trainer got in contact and said that all of the other girls have dropped out (3 in total) and he is left with one girl who can fight and asked me if I would like to fight her as its for charity and he has heard I have kept training.

    I have not sparred in boxing for 6 weeks; this girl is 6KG heavier than me and 4 inches taller. I would have 4 weeks to train before stepping into the ring.

    I have previously fought before but three years ago so it’s while since I have been in a ring. Previous record is good with Wins and 1 KO.

    Do I take the fight? I am really in two minds.

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